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[PICS] HQ photos of T-ara's Jewelry Box (All editions) (06/07)


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[PICS] HQ photos of T-ara's Jewelry Box (All editions) (06/07)

Sapphire Version


Diamond Version


Pearl Version


Download This Photoset :

.RAR : http://www.mediafire...1i9x5j2cbxqsqak --> 100P

CREDIT : Kafuka + TCN + tikaluph + tiaradiadem.com

1. This rar is protected by password. And the clue for password is "a popular novel that written by Suzanne Collins".

2. Write the password with no space and no upper case.

3. Don't remove the tag

4. Take out with full credit


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What's wrong with Jiyeon's eyes? even circle lenses don't do that stuff man.. this is wrong..EunJung & Soyeon looks off too hmm.. i'm guessing the scanning isn't really accurate? oh well but thanks for uploading the photos for those that can't wait to see the pics ^^ .

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Guest audiferari

Nice picture , although a little dissapointed. In Diamond version EJ , SY , and JY picture looks terrible. I say : Pearl version is the best. In there Boram and Qri looks beautiful ( and I guess the others too ).

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