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  1. Hi, you don't know me but Happy Birthday!

  2. Hi, you don't know me but happy Birthday!

  3. Hi, you don't know me but happy Birthday!

  4. "Invincible Youth" Hyomin jealousy 'Sunny is mine!' T-ara Hyomin and Girls' Generation Sunny revealed their infinite love toward each other. In the last episode of "Invincible Youth", aired the 23 April on KB2 TV, Sunny revealed that boys were jealous of her relationship with Hyomin. Sunny helped Hyomin to gain more airtime by dancing passional with the boys. Hyomin then tried to not lose to Sunny by having her own solo stage. When Sunny embraced in front of the student, and get teased we could hear Hyomin's loud laugh During this episode, those who were undefeated didn't have to do the lettuce consignment. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100424n01820 Translation: shining star`★@tiaradiadem
  5. hi, you don't know me but happy Birthday!

  6. hi, you don't know me but Happy Birthday!

  7. hi, you don't know me but Happy Birthday! :D

  8. hi, you don't know me but Happy Birthday! :D

  9. hi, you don't know me but Happy Birthday! :D

  10. hi, you don't know me but Happy Birthday! :D

  11. T-ara Hyomin, outstanding ability and exceptional beauty T-ara Hyomin showed her drawing skills. A cherry blossom tree inside a building is showed. Sitting in a waiting room, butterfly sit on Hyomin head. Hyomin taking a picture of ghost next to her. This is only a few of her drawing skills. 22 April, on cyworld, Hyomin posted three new picture of her. She wrote along with the picture: "He he drawing is fun... I spend 5 minute to draw the cherry blossom but it doesn't look good". In addition, two old classmate from Hyomin released some pre-debut picture of Hyomin. Hyomin smile with black teeth, or get painted like a cat with mustache. These picture attracted the attention of netizen du e the exceptional beauty of Hyomin. In the same time Hyomin who is starring in O'live mini drama 'Bu Bi Bu Bi' with Yoon Si Yoon gain attention with a dating scene. *** Source: http://thestar.chosun.com/site/data/html_d...0042301302.html Translated by shining star`★@tiaradiadem
  12. T-ara to Real Korea "Congratulation for your first issue!" Recently T-ara released an album and spread the korean culture and entertainment across Asia, came to celebrated the foundation 'Real Korea'. T-ara launched the celebration of 'Real Korea'. They declared: " We hope to lead the Hallyu wave and keep it growing in the media" Idol girl group T-ara is everywhere, variety show, CF, and particularly in the drama with their leader Eunjung is have been added to 'Coffee House' as one of the main characters. Other artists, including Davichi, See Ya, Julian Kang, Lee Chaeyoung and Ji Jiyeon, participated to launch of 'Real Korea'. *** Source: http://www.bizplace.co.kr/biz_html/content...code=&code= Translated by shining star`★@tiaradiadem
  13. Boyz 2 Men "T-ara, Girls' Generation let's work together" Boyz 2 Men showed a great interest in korea for girl groups. Boyz 2 Men given an interview to Mnet 'Popcorn' the last 16th April and declared "We are crazy about T-ara and Girls' Generation. Their music are good and we would like to work with them once." They also declared "We also heard Brown Eyed Soul music. They have great capacity. Korea needs to gain more knowledge of music." *cut the part about Boyz 2 Men's new album* *** Source: http://ntn.seoul.co.kr/main.php?cmd=news/n...w&idx=31080 Translated by shining star`★@tiaradiadem.
  14. It's her father. Jiyeon's episode is about her relation with her fake 'father' and how her father react to her celebrity. DiademSubs will release them soon
  15. "This is Romantic" Yoon SiYoon, T-ara members and a sweet date 'JunHyuk Student' Yoon SiYoon captured the heart of T-ara Hyomin. T-ara and YoonSiYoon are currently starring in O'live drama 'T-ara&Yoon SiYoon BuBiBuBi'. This drama is a 5 five minute episode, where T-ara member whose making a comeback meet Yoon SiYoon to solve a dilemma. Hyomin dream to be destined to love a man that receives a message from the movie. Then Hyomin is hypnotized by a mysterious force from a man. Yoon SiYoon plays this man. Hyomin and Yoon SiYoon enjoy a night date like if they were in a dream. Hyomin and Yoon SiYoon romantic date is a 'set of three kinds of romantic,' an online dating episode have been showed to the public and already received great interest form the netizens. April 24th, Yoon SiYoon and Hyomin new episode'Before Sunset' will air and Jiyeon, Qri, Eunjung, Soyeon, Boram's story in 'BuBiBuBi' is scheduled to be reveled through 12 episodes. *cut the part about Yoon SiYoon* *** Source: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popu...p;mode=sub_view Translated by shining star`★@tiaradiadem.com
  16. 'It Girl' Hwang Jung Eum become the model of T-aradotcom Actress Hwang JungEum have been chosen to become the model of T-ara online mall t-aradotcom.com The 25th a representative of T-ara declared: "We have chosen Hwang Jung Eum to be the new model of T-ara online mall." 'It Girl' Hwang JungEum's fashion style have been remarked by T-ara. T-ara declared "We created clothes who will make JungEum looks more brilliant and great". Pleased and smiling Hwang JungEum have accepted their proposition to become the model of their online mall. Hwang JungEum had her first photo shoot for t-aradotcom this week As for T-ara, the girl group have been active in various music program since the 23rd by promoting their new song 'I Go Crazy Because of You' and 'I'm really hurt' *** Source: http://sports.khan.co.kr/news/sk_index.htm...p;sec_id=540101 Translated by sarang!bang @tiaradiadem
  17. T-ara "I go crazy because of you" gets the first place in M!Countdown T-ara 'I go crazy because of you' get the first place in M!Countdown this 18th March. T-ara was competing against Kara 'Lupin' for the first place. T-ara's leader Eunjung said in her thank you speech : "We would like to thanks our boss, our staff who are always helping us, our loving fans... we'll work harder in the future". Member's Jiyeon hearing they get the first place started to cry. During their encore performance T-ara members continued to thanks their fans with tears in their eyes. **** Source: http://www.gwangnam.co.kr/news/news_view.h...031822563777110 Translated by sarang!bang @tiaradiadem
  18. Attractive T-Ara shoot a CF for a clothing line The six member of idol girl group T-Ara were shooting a CF this 8th February in a studio at Seoul KangNamGoo. T-ara (composed of Jeon Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin) will release of repackage of their first full album, named Braking Heart, the 26th February. The main track 'Because of you I'm crazy' of this upcoming repackage have been written and composed by singer Wheesung. Last year, T-ara debuted in July with Lies and released TTL and TTL2 in collaboration with Supernova, both of the song have been ranked first in various online chart. In the beginning of this year they released Bo Peep Bo peep who have been ranked first in various music programs. T-Ara's JiYeon is currently starring KBS2TV drama 'God of Study'. it's have been reveled that JiYeon have been also caste in Death bell 2 whose will be release this summer. *** Source:http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201002081537491001 Written by park JunHyug Translated by sarang!bang @diadem No, Braking Heart isn't a typo. This is how their repackage album is named. Engrish ftw~
  19. You don't have to be sorry bb. I'm glad she recovers so fast! I hope Core will still let her rest a bit before their comeback.
  20. T-Ara will take part in a Dance Battle program. it'll air the 14th February on MBC. Other girl groups includes SNSD and After School.
  21. Just when I thought no more artist will contract H1N1. I wish a quick a recover. and like that other members will be able to rest.
  22. Both can be used, some fans use Leeteuk and other use Eeteuk. This is the message Eeteuk send to her. it could be also translated as 'What should I do if you curse at me' but this is the same thing. There is no really sense but this is what Hyomin said.
  23. HyoYeon (SNSD) thanked SoYeon in her Thank You part. Hyoyeon use a cute form to said Thanks and Congratulation credit: sarang!bang
  24. T-Ara's Hyomin "Before debuting Eeteuk send me a message via Cyworld" T-Ara member Hyomin and Super Junior leader Eeteuk draws attention by reveling an story about a message received via Cyworld On SBS Strong Heart aired the 26th Hyomin declared "Today I want to use the opportunity of being here for asking something" and continue "Before debuting I received a strange message on Cyworld from a popular idol" Hyomin continued "The message was "What should I do if you swear at me?" Worried, Hyomin, find the cyworld of the poster thanks to his name. "The person who send this message is here" Hyomin revealed while watching the seat reserved to Super Junior Eeteuk. Then Hyomin identifed Eeteuk as the the person who sent her this message. Eeteuk explained " At this time SBS announcer Park Sun Young cried on air. While searching on internet, I find a Park Sun Young's cyworld" Eeteuk while looking for Park Sun Young, find Hyomin (whose real name is Park Sun Young) cyworld. Eeteuk continued by saying "Honestly she looked really pretty on her Cyworld picture. Super Junior's Donghae wanted me to introduce her to him, so I sent her this message." he laughed Hyomin then asked "Eeteuk senior always answer like that on broadcast. So today I want to ask you about it. Because I thought you were honestly interested in me." Eeteuk concluded this incident by declaring "I admit it, she is really beautiful" *** Source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/main.php?cmd=new...w&idx=36329 Written by Kim YeNa Translated by sarang!bang @tiaradiadem
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