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  1. pretty much just for summer and then i take off time to study when school season comes haha

  2. lol ahhh okays

    and nice to meet you too :)

    whasts up ?

  3. lol i know same here. im on summer break now but i still dont have that much time to go on cause i work now :(

  4. lol sexshi shadow was from IGCBOY and my name is tara wbu?

  5. heyy (: long time no chat

    ive been okay, just busy with school. wbu?

    what have you been up to?

  6. haha sooo stressful, i hate it

    i dont even like wht im getting into so im changing it next year

    haha yeah

    oh btw the layout looks supppper cute <3:)

  7. haha awwws icic. and ohhh okay thank you :) i miss you guys ! once im done exams ill probs find time to come back which is probs may

  8. haha ive been good :) wbu ?

    really sorry for not coming online for like months D: i was sooooo busy with work and school. awwws okay thank you :) ive been checking up once every now and then. i miss talking in staff chat haha. i started uni so its been busy but once i get off in like may ill probs find time :)

  9. elly :)

    how have you been ?

  10. haha heyy ! :)

    yea its been a really long time since ive been online and well i guess i got kicked off the team =/ sorry, i was really busy with work during the summer and then im in university now that its been pretty bad with the workload. how have things been ?

  11. heyy eddie im really sorry for not replying back, ive been extremely busy with school and work =/

    how have you been ?

  12. haha yea thats true :) and haha yea i do that too. my parents are kinda getting frustrated with me now

  13. heyy thanks for the view! whats up?

  14. haha well i guess theres alot of us now. before the staff chat use to be pretty dead. LOl yess. its funn what can i say

  15. i know :( it makes me sad. i dont really know whats going on in staff chat anymore but i still get updated with all the tiara stuff. Ouuu that sounds like funn. im like that too. too much parties and hangouts this week eeekk haha

  16. Oooouu nice to meet you (:

    sure no problem. i also help around the gallery as well so dont hestiate to ask kays ^^

  17. heyy (: thansk for the view

    whats up?

  18. haha yess. its very good :) dont worry.

    wow work is soo annoying. i barely have to come here anymore. but i still try my best to get on no matter what :)

  19. lol aww well thank you (: awww yay another qri fan! thats awesome :) sure we can be friends. jsut send me a request. whats up>

  20. lol what are you kidding? your english is really good and grammatically correct (: i really wouldnt have thought you only learned for 3 years if you didnt tell me

  21. haha omg same :P

    Oouu icic. thats pretty cool. but you also speak english .

    yepp just the two

  22. haha yea but i dont like the hours

    Oouuu wow same here! its mandatory that we learn french here but im not that fluent at all XD what languages do you guys speak in your country?

  23. yepp thats true. iunno why i even have two jobs. im wasting my summer.

    yepp. i cant speak french tho XD

  24. heyy welcome to diadem (:

    how are you?

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