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  1. OMG, not you. I don't want to get into this with you. They couldn't have been filming long. Korean drama's are still in filming while they are airing. They'll only have a few episodes already filmed when it starts to air in december. (when dani is supposed to make her T-ara debut), so unless she's a guest and not part of the cast, she'll still need to be frequently on set into next year, how far depending on how long the series is. Lastly, word of advice, you really need to work on trying not to sound like a condescending... Because you do every time. FYI
  2. What? Wait. Wait Wait.. Hold on a second... First CCM said that T-ara will be doing an Asian Tour next year, going to many countries & doing many promotions abroad. Recently CCM just said that Eunjung will not appear in any drama's or movies because she will have no time due to the Asian Tour and promotions abroad. If Eunjung, who is experienced doing dramas & movies while keeping up with T-ara's schedule, doesn't have time for dramas & movies next year, how the h does Dani??? (if she has alread debut with T-ara this dec) Have they decided to just have her debut as just an actress & not part of T-ara first? Or are they planning on having her try to keep up with an acting schedule and T-ara's already full schedule, right from the get go. I'm afraid, they're gonna break that poor girl.
  3. Seriously? The tickets were $1000(HKD) & $700(HKD) That's $129 (USD) & $90 (USD) Let's say ALL of the 3,000 tickets sold for the maximum price of $129 (USD) 3,000 x $129 (USD) = $387,000 (USD) So the Hong Kong concert officials were going to pay $313,000 (USD) out of pocket for their VIP treatment, make no money on the concert, and still have to pay CCM... whatever... I love T-ara, but I'm so sick of all the BS...
  4. I think it's too soon. Everyone keeps saying netizens are evil people who will hate t-ara no matter what. But not all those "netizens" are haters, even if they acted like them. During the controversy I saw videos & post of people who i found to be genuinely good people, who cared about people (therefore so much about hwa), but were just terribly misinformed. They need to give it time for the people who got tricked into disliking/hating to find out that they were tricked. The scandal swept across the net like a wildfire, but the information discrediting the rumors are scarce. It'll take time before the misinformed become informed. It's best to wait till those good hearted but misinformed netizens become informed so we can all love and support T-ara together.
  5. I think it's more BS from KKS. This is just his way to get them together in person so he can slap them with a lawsuit and criminal charges. We all know KKS is sue happy.
  6. I'm glad she's taking a rest. I was afraid that she'd jump the gun and sign with Maru & still be in the realm of CCM & KKS. I hope during her break she'll realize what a terrible CEO KKS really is, and that it's not normal or OK for a CEO to treat his artists like that. I want her to find a good company that will take care of her and make her career one that she loves and enjoys. Where she wakes up every day feeling good and excited, not tired and broken. Then I want her to tell the rest of T-ara how great it is so they too can find a way out their contracts with CCM, and sign with this new company so they can re-form T-ara !! lol But seriously, I don't want her to go back to KKS, even though that means she'll never be a part of T-ara again. She deserves so much better. All the girls do.
  7. I remember first watching Kpop videos.. I got such a head ache because of the camera cuts and flashes.. I didn't even notice it in this video.. I've gotten used to not being able to focus on my bias because they keep cutting away when I find her. i guess I just expect it now days. lol. after reading the comments and watching it again, it is a little too much. Oh well. Song still gives me chicken skin
  8. They are VERY popular in thailand!! dont get me wrong. but the prices they were asking were insane. (i did pay them tho)
  9. Am I the only one who thinks this "Sold Out" report was a fake? I would estimate 50 people in the VIP L standing where I was at..max 75 because my eyes are dumb. I saw open seats in the 4000bhat seating sections too. I thought they had 200 tickets total for VIP standing (100 each side)... What I saw didn't seem like it at all. I bought the 5000bhat pre-sale tickets for me and my g/f..and I know they lowerd the VIP price to 4500... But I don't think they filled it. They still said the concert was "sold out" ... I'm not complaining.. I'd pay anything for T-ara and there was a lot of space for me to get a good view.. BUt I still wonder why there was so much space. I just don't think it was really sold out. Anyone else who went feel the same way?
  10. They know they have SO many International fans, yet don't give us the time of day.. WTH CCM???
  11. It's got an 'S so even though I'm a guy I'll have no problem telling someone I'm a QUEEN'S!!! I can picture it now......... zzzzz Me: [ [ wearing concert T that has "QUEEN'S" on it ] ] Girl: Who are Queens? Me: We're all Queen's! Girl: You're a Queen too? lol Me: No, I'm Queen's. Girl: Queens? So you're more than one Queen? lol Me: No. Queen's with an apostrophe S Girl: Oh! You're not a "Queen", you just belong to "Queen" because you're a fan right? Me: Yes! Yes! Girl: Me too! I loved Bohemian Rhapsody! Me: hunh?... No, not the band Queen ...I like them too though. Girl: Hunh??? [ [ [ situation confusing and akward, nervousness setting in. ] ] ] Me: Girls.. umm... tiara....u kno.. korea... like.. err... singers... and.. umm.. fashon.. uhh... i like... 'cuz... umm.... cutie-pretty.. err... some.. tiara..... want... uhg... NEVERMIND... Girl: OooK.. ? Me: Just to be clear I'm not a homosexual. Girl: Sure... Of course you're not. Me: Girl to Friend: *That guy tried to tell me he's a total QUEEN!* :lol: *Or his boyfriend is one? I dunno but it was fuuuunnnny.* lolol My imagination gets away from me sometimes.
  12. I was watching that episode of tvN taxi with T-ara. This part at the end made me so sad. http://youtu.be/ay3TTMoiHI8
  13. I say we all write angy letters to Kim Kwangsoo & Park Kwangwon (Mnet CEO/KKS's Boss)! Regular mail, Phone or Fax. Do all 3! Even if he's just trolling, if we choke their system with angry letters & calls from around the world, he'll know not to f*k 7-ara fans! Here's the info... Core Contents Media (Attn: Kim Kwangsoo) 269-10, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea (135-010) Tel. +82-2-546-2982 Fax. +82-2-546-2987 Mnet (Attn: Park Kwang-won) 1606 CJ E&M Center, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea Fax. +82-2-371-8494 I couldn't find a phone number for Mnet. Not sure on e-mail addresses either. If this info is outdated of any of you have more info please post it!! If you're going to call, I say don't worry about not being able to speak korean.. I'm sure if you speak you're own language sounding pissed off and make sure to say "Kim Kwangsoo", "Tiara", & "F' in Stupid!" or "Dumb @$$" etc. They'll get the message. I found these websites that says it'll send a fax to a South Korean # for Free.. Can't be sure it works (because i'm not in Korea with a fax machine to test it) but it's worth a shot. 1st one needs a 10 digit phone number so you'd put 025462987 for CCM & 023718494 for Mnet. http://sendfreefax.net/send-free-fax-South-Korea.php http://www.freepopfax.com/ http://www.freefaxbutton.com/south_korea_+82.php Those are just what I found with a quick google search. You might want to seach for others too. Those websites might start blocking those numbers if they get overloaded. Fax is a good way to go though because they take a long time to process & they can't receive their normal busness faxes if the machines are too busy receiving faxes from angry fans
  14. No matter how much I love T-ara, I'm not going to walk around calling myself a "Queen"! lol I like Diadem, it sounds classy, but I'm pretty sure they'll decided on something easy to remember, recognize, read, speak, and relate to T-ara without having to look anything up.
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