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  1. that's great, their friendship is close to each member, supporting hyomin in poster shoot. love 'em
  2. yeah where is the teaser please! i couldn't find it <3
  3. thanks for sharing the photos! boram looks very innocent hahaha. and hyomin look so hawt~
  4. lol same name as a company, and then free snacks! lucky t-ara ! roly poly just reminds me of a cartoon when i was a child called roly poly ollie
  5. whoaaa! that's really unique! whoaa i love them! the first pic is great!! whoaa really can't wait !!
  6. whoa they are reallu cute, the clothes are great too! can't wait their comback with that clothes and hair style, must be really interesting!
  7. really can't wait to see the mv, there isn't any preview eh?
  8. she looks cute with that glasses I bet it's ganna be cool if i have those dictionary with soyeon name write on it
  9. whoa the atmosphere of 70s 80s are really there! so retro! cantwait for the comback!!
  10. i tought horomi was horor hyomin, but it's something else lol! cute horror queen nice is it
  11. whoaa that's so cool!! that's so retro! that's awesome!! cant wait for 1st July :(
  12. whoa thanks for sharing the photo! what a lucky guy that is
  13. whoaaa! 70.000 applied?!!! amazing t-ara!!!! they're really popular in japan
  14. hyomin is a cute and stylish girl, no wonder she's the stylist of 5dolls! the outfit that she wear is always looks good on her
  15. poor jiyeon you need more bed time she is still look cute tough
  16. whoaaa qri jiyeon and hwayoung looks so beautiful! and the look more mature there
  17. whoa? really they're in malaysia? what are they doing there?
  18. it's not only the photo is beautiful, but eunjung is also beautiful, and she's the one that makes the photo more beautiful
  19. really really wanna watch this movie! eunjung soo beauty and her eyes, looks so deep. hope gonna be a successful horror movie !
  20. whoaa at first my eyes was cought by qri's beautiful eyes, and the scroll down i was shocked by hyomin eyes lol! nice job hyomin
  21. they looks the same (of course lol). but i like hwa young better oh yeah when this will be broadcast, i want to watch this one, it's gonna be awesome !
  22. wow 80s disco! i really like that kind of songs! and about the comeback, it's only 2 weeks from now!! cant wait any longer!!
  23. whoa congratulation hyomin! i think the new concept is suit with hyomin! be the best hyomin !
  24. waaaaaah so jealous, gotta watch WGM now. i wish i were jang goo nim so i can teach her how to swim too, sadly it is just a dream i love this couple the most kyaaaaw >,< i hope they get married for real someday...
  25. wow what event is this? i really don't get any idea. btw thanks for the photo
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