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  1. Sigh at this rate if CCM keeps pulling out members and adding in members .... sigh poor T-ara. whatever i have no fishes left to give anymore, lol.
  2. sigh its very tiring being a t-ara fan, while i know its not the girls' fault at all, but the company's ceo is just ... -_______-
  3. lol ............. what a cover ....... but its T-ara anyways so anything is acceptable Cant wait for targeT!
  4. this concept looks so roly-polyish 0: and speaking of roly poly, its been awhile since that legendary song was released T.T
  5. Lol even them sleeping can make it to the newsen section in Korea lol. Anyway, good luck for Sexy Love in Japan ^^
  6. But dream high and god of study are pretty good dramas (: . Just that it doesnt really make sense how the students in GOS can easily get 100 marks after a few training camps ._.
  7. /90 degrees bow for the director/ We need more sane and mature human beings like this director in this world rather than the so many dumb k-netizens out there
  8. CCM is stupid. CCM is ruining T-ara himself. Sigh /hides in a corner and cry Yeah. Tbh, its getting tiring being a QUEEN's because of all the sh*t T-ara is receiving from CCM -____________- . And lol I'll never be able to accept a kid that is even younger then me in T-ara >.> . She should just go join some other nugu groups like 5dolls -- Btw when does their contract ends with CCM? The T-ara girls themselves should know that they are a capable group and they dont need CCM to move on with their music career >____________> . I hope the girls are not too stupid to renew their contracts with CCM >.>
  9. Sigh I dont want another addition in T-ara >.>" . I hope Dani leaves T-ara and joins 5dolls. She fits there better >.>
  10. I hope they withdraw Dani out last minute.. Like 6-ARA had to change their choreography to 7ARA. Now need to change again to 8ARA >.>
  11. I like the retro concept in Roly Poly but not that much in Sexy Love . Oh well, T-ara is going to pwn the Kpop world again with their brand new single .
  12. Wow CCM .. Not only did you screw up their career now you even screwed up the album cover .. Oh well at least its going to be as awesome as Roly Poly :3
  13. T-ara hwaiting (: . But this incident made them a stronger person, and we can see the real QUEENs who stayed by them even though they are receiving all this sh't they dont deserve thanks to a crappy CEO .. T-ara and QUEENs hwaiting
  14. Oh gad all the dramas >______> . Who's fault ? CCM . CCM shouldnt have messed with the original T-ara . Anti CCM here -_______________-
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