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    RamonXick01 reacted to milkyway in [12.08.23] KBS debating whether to air Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo appearance in "Shut Up Family"   
    Eunjung and all T-ara should be cameo in "SHUT UP NETIZENS"
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    RamonXick01 got a reaction from lovevanilla13 in [DISC] Facts or Speculation regarding T-ara's Crisis   
    lol @T-Errorr you obviously not a queen's and just antis came here to creating minor mess, supply yourself with booth side informations and make a judges, telling how awful person that you didn't know really not helped
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    RamonXick01 reacted to nkdi2211 in [DISC] Facts or Speculation regarding T-ara's Crisis   
    Speculations =/= Facts

    As the time I wrote this, every new articles bring T-ara closer to death. Every time I saw news,I saw the Death scythe hanging at T-ara and CCM ‘s necks. As a hardcore Queen’s, it tramples my heart, it’s killing me. Now, Queen’s are separated and some became Anti-T-ara. I wrote this article hope to look at the whole situation with an objective voice.
    I believe the facts: Hwayoung is dislike her current position (speculated that She is bullied), T-ara members tweeted ambiguously, Hwayoung is leaving T-ara, (supposed KKS force a bad image for Hwayoung). At the end of it all, KKS didn’t help at all; he just made the matter worse.
    As a big fan of T-7 , I can’t really take side. Both of them have holes in their reasoning; there is not enough concrete evidence with trust worthy source. But now, Hwayoung is the winning side.
    The supposed-evidences are that T-6, (except Qri) had bullied Hwayoung since a long time ago.
    In my opinions, those evidences are just made believe. If they were genuine, Netizen would notice the bullying problem sooner. Now, people just name every little Teasing toward Hwayoung as
    “Bullying”. Occasional teasing is not bullying, especially when Kpop showbiz revolve around teasing each other. All 6 of them teased each other too, not only toward Hwayoung.
    And if they are really bullying Hwayoung, that mean they must be an actor every seconds around her onscreen. With that said, it’s impossible to be actors all the time. Even with editing, it’s not likely to catch all of the awkwardness.
    Not only so, Hwayoung would be really afraid of T-6, but on screen, Hwayoung seem really happy and carefree around others members, Do Hwayoung is all fake too? All the time Hwayoung initiate a conversation with Hyomin, joking with Boram , winks at Soyeon or feed Eun Jung apple in Pretty Boys. She even let Hyomin and EJ put on her shoes in the solo concert Cinderella-style. One who is afraid or hateful of others wouldn’t act so carefree and innocent.
    With T-6, they have no supporting evidence, except KKS statements and supposedly 19 staff members that dislike Hwayoung’s immaturity. With poor crisis management skill, they just make the matter worse, for them.
    In my opinion, the only two who can really act into different personalities are Eun Jung and Jiyeon. They are talented, and that talent doesn’t help in this situation. Having the talent and knowledge doesn’t mean that they had used it, or should use it against others.
    I can’t take side in this problem.
    I believe that Hwayoung and T-6 is having discord among themselves only recently. They seem so close to each other just before Star Life Theater.
    I think both of them are wrong. First, they bring their internal dispute to the public. They forgot that their actions not only affect themselves, but also the company and the whole team behind T-ara( including makeup artists, hair stylists.etc) . KKS is also wrong for changing the situation into the worst case scenario.
    I don’t dare to say the worse side. It may just a quick impulse of the members while they are in stress.
    People are easily influenced when they are unsure, the gossip started and spread wider.
    The matter is undecided, and we may never know about the truth. But one thing for sure, T-ara and CCM took a huge blow to their name. The only way that could ease the public is that Hwayoung publicly apologizes. Even if T-ara did bully her, they and CCM should have beg, kowtow, or lick Hwayoung’s shoes to make she do it to save them. Did this, Hwayoung career as an entertainer would suffered as well. People won’t put much trust toward a member who single handedly destroyed her group and her company. People will get cold feet after the sympathized toward Hwayoung died down.
    As I remembered, T-6 have much more to lose than Hwayoung. Eun Jung’s hard work from when she still a kid , Jiyeon’s working till collapse, Hyomin with 5+ years in training and highly talented, Boram with her parents’ reputations on top of her own, Soyeon childhood dreams and the trauma of failing, All of them will go down the drain if this continue. The only one that is least effected is Qri, but she will still lose her job when T-ara go down together.
    Please don’t take it too hard toward all 7 members of T-ara, and even the two new members Ahreum and Dani when you quit being Queen’s. Please remember the happy memories T-ara gave us. It has been nice all these time together with you.
    A Queen’s forever.
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    RamonXick01 got a reaction from LoveEunjung3 in [12.04.14] T-ara's Eunjung loses 34 million won in Europe, "Crying all night"   
    lucky robber, poor eunjung.. X((
    but.. darrn! poor eunjung.. X(((
    the one who steal that, must be a pro.. X(
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    RamonXick01 got a reaction from mpiw1416 in [12.03.15] T-ara to become 7~9 members, including replacing members   
    sorry for my rude behavior.. but..
    my counter strike skill will works this time
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    RamonXick01 reacted to candy_floss in [12.02.09] Quick News - Gaon Top 50 Downloaded Songs   
    [12.02.09] Quick News - Gaon Top 50 Downloaded Songs

    Lovey Dovey #1 Gaonchart Top Dowload songs and it has been downloaded 2.126.638 times

    cr: gaon

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    RamonXick01 got a reaction from Johnny730 in [12.02.02] Quick News - Jiyeon "No dating bans, but no time given"   
    thx god they got a lot of schedules..
    you know what i mean.. lol
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