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  1. eunjung noona, get well soon, ccm, give her some rest,, don't use pain killer anymore, her injury is serious...
  2. i'm sure they will win this mcd triple crown.. t-ara figthing...
  3. we will always behind you girls, don't worry , we will always love you, and always keep your health,
  4. finally, we will be official , i hope the name will be diadem...
  5. whaaaa, lucky kid hugged by jiyeon.. but what a pity, hyomin not there....
  6. the fate of miraculous toilet paper and miraculous songwriter, became a good song.. i'm curious with shinsandong tiger when he sit in closet, where did his mind goes?,, but, nevermind, the result of his imagination become a hit, ssdt daebak, t-ara jjang,,
  7. T-Ara jjang, i'm very proud to them, it will be hard to fight with SNSD and WG, but T-Ara fighting,, even though its hard, i'm sure T-ara will be the winner,,
  8. this teaser make me can't wait the full mv out,, this will be no1.. last time i see the article of this mv release in allkpop it still have 700 comment but now it reach until 3000 comment very proud to them
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