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  1. Why Kqueen's are so stupid ? why they dont believe in their idols ? if you dont want T-ara give them to International queen's XD
  2. actually I'm t-ara back up dancer nice to meet u guys lol smh those antis/haters got no brain
  3. I dont know if my post would be warned or not but still wanna say. I've try my best but cannot welcome her If the one who made this interview join our fandom he would see how messy we are now.
  4. This photobook is shot in Milan in April not the one in Paris in February
  5. and she will share the "burden" in main vocal with Soyeon with this voice ? I dont want to be hashed but if it is the case I prefer Eunjung and Hyomin upgrade to Main vocalist.
  6. I won't give too much expections anymore , enough trolled by KKS lah just wait and see
  7. Don't worried lah, Boram has stated that Jiyeon is our forever maknae via her tweet on Park Ji's birthday
  8. BTW, It's hurt to see our fandom ( which was just etablished) divise in 2 part : one is Absoluted 7-ara and the other is more opened mind with X-ara.
  9. She is beautiful, lovely, cute.., good vocal...you can add everything you want but to me, she just doesn't fit T-ara. She is not my Queen
  10. LOL I prefer seeing T-ara with 6 abs guys ( as securities) than 1 abs like this
  11. LOL because they are shortest and oldest (JK)
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