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  1. god.... so pretty.... i want her to get more love so keep it up soyeon
  2. denty16


    Oh my gah... Soyeon looking so good
  3. awwww boram nuna... its ok u got ur own drama short t-ara FIGHTING!!!
  4. new member looks cute and the news of boram as the new leader was some what surprising since eunjung did a great job as leader. but i suppose since boram IS the oldest they decided it be better she take the leader role with a new young member in the group
  5. lol whoever got that camera cake for her was a pro HAPPY BDAY HYOMIN
  6. omg hyomin is jus too cute wish she was given more camera time on invincible youth w/o sunny
  7. man this year is gonna b great for movies since death bell 2 and white r both gonna have t-ara members AND be horror genre. im gonna enjoy this
  8. jiyeon owns hwang jung eum even though i did love her on high kick. besides hwang jung eum is scared of jiyeon unless yoon shi yoon is around lol
  9. god damn netizens r at it again.... i swear if a jaebum situation happens im gonna pray all those damn netizens have their pasts put up on display for every1 to see/judge as well
  10. might have watched this movie but now that 지연 and 정음 are in it im definately gonna watch
  11. o goodness they all look amazing can not wait til their song comes out XD
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