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  1. Dani is too young, way too young... I can't help but say it anytime I see one of her picture, that's so obvious. Why a child has to be on stage with the others T-ara who are all women now ? I still don't understand.
  2. I think they were quite honest when they said those things about determination to Hwayoung on Twitter... Ironically, people don't seem to praise them for this kind of honesty. We have to know what we want at this point, honesty even if it will be harsh to hear ? Or honesty only for saying happy things like "I love you all !! I will work even harder in the futur, Fighting!!" ?
  3. In my opinion this kind of reflection just make things worse. KKS lost his brain, it just seems like he don't know what he's doing at all, and this is quite dangerous for the future of T-ara...
  4. In the other hand, the fact that Hwayoung had only 70k followers while Jiyeon for exemple had more than 400k proves that before this incident, Hwayoung wasn't very valued by the netizens either... (despite the fact that she was in T-ara since more than a year). That's quite ironic to see all this support suddenly coming to her (from where ?). Maybe it's a bit too late ?
  5. If T-ara had stayed a 6 members group, none of this would have ever happened and the bond between the members (without this competition thing) would have never ceased to increase. Who's the one responsible of the crazy schedule, the concepts, the lines distribution, the new members addition, in short, responsible of everything ? Not Hyomin, not Jiyeon, not Eunjung etc. but KKS.
  6. Time has come for KKS to reap what he sow... He's the very man who, since the end of Lovey Dovey's promotion especially, has torn apart T-ara with his stupids statements.
  7. "As T-ara expands in various activities, she's likely going to become the principal member." Dani becoming the principal member of T-ara ? Damnit I don't want that to happen ! All things considered, I still think that the new members addition was useless, I don't see how it benefits to the success of T-ara for now. They would have done just fine without it.
  8. Looks like a whim of a spoiled child... I'm sorry Dani, but personally, I don't want you to join T-ara earlier nor later, I don't want you to join at all. When I look at the picture in this article, and see Dani's face next to Hyomin, I feel bad, what's that kid doing here ? I might seem harsh, but that's what I feel, and it's not getting better with time...
  9. Well, sorry but for me, makeup or not, Dani still looks like a child next to Hyomin (because she IS a child). I don't find her pretty either, so nothing changes for me so far. My real concern is to see Boram, I want her to be in this MV, I want to hear her voice, I want to see her sexiness
  10. "T-ara's new member of a sexy look" this sentence still isn't correct.. Anyway, Areum doesn't look bad, but seriously, all the current members completely outshines Areum and Dani when it comes to beauty (and even without make-up). Remain the singing skills, but there, I really need to be convinced. In the first place, "singing ability" is it that important in T-ara ? I mean, Boram has a wonderful voice, when I heard her songs from her solo album "From Memory", I literally was bluffed and conquered by her. Her voice is so deep and soft. But even then, she has nothing to sing in T-ara !! Where's the point in having members with a good voice if it's for giving them 2 words to "sing" ? I still doesn't see the point in these members additions.
  11. The funny thing with all this, is that we'll ultimately see the members addition as a success if T-ara doesn't lose its popularity at some point. But that's not it, the whole plan, according to KKS, is to make T-ara far more popular than now. It doesn't really matter if the new members are, at least, not too bad. They need to be wonderful. I won't see the new members as usefull unless T-ara can achieve, thanks to these, a success 2 times greater than Lovey Dovey, at least. And about that I remain highly skeptical...
  12. The more I hear about Dani ( and now this incredible story ) the more I find it unbelievable, illogical, there MUST be something behind, but what ? And then I started to understand, isn't this... what we call "love at first sight" ? What could explain better the fact that KKS don't stop talking about Dani as if she were a goddess and seek at all cost to make her debut as soon as possible without any discernment ? I'm affraid of this conclusion but honnestly, that's the most plausible that I found. KKS has a crush on this 12/13 years old girl, he fell in love on seeing her in the street, there is nothing we can do now... Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, that's it.
  13. Yeah that could be a possibility, but, does she have time to spend drinking huge amount of alcohol ? I guess the staff around them don't let them buy alcohol and freely drink in their room. But I can easily think that they let them take medicines or don't let them eat properly for "diet purpose", etc.
  14. If I remember correctly, Boram once said on twitter that she needed to take medicine to keep going (and after that she put her twitter account in private mode for a while). I too, don't think that her crazy schedule is innocent in this case. That's so sad for her, I hope like everyone that she'll get better soon. But it'll be for nothing if she has to continue like before after that. Take good care of yourself Boram ! You're precious to us all, but to your familly and loved ones before all. (For now without my lovely Boram, I have to admit that T-ara will become less interesting for me...)
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