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  1. i haven't watch HL, but what's soyeon's role exactly? even if she's just a minor character, it's really weird how her character just disappeared like that. give us a better excuse, please. at least this one happened with each other's consent (probably) since there's not much fuss over this.
  2. "ten minutes" is not exactly a ten minutes performance, literally. it's a nickname for fandoms ignoring certain groups on stage.
  3. the reactions from netizens are still snark though. those netizens can only complain behind the screen and too afraid to confront them face to face.
  4. despite having scandals, their popularity (and maybe infamousity too, ha) is still on soar. i hope they're doing well, for their own sake.
  5. the only thing i can comment is, she's got a nice handwriting, and i also like her signature the most. most probably ccm/t-ara choose qri to write because she's the most neutral one during the whole fiasco (well, areum too, but she's new so she can't say anything either) aaaand has a very neat handwriting.
  6. maybe some of you aren't familiar with this, but i saw many celebrities who entangled in scandals resolve it with hand-written apology letter. i personally will take this as enough, as i can't think what else can they give us. indeed a direct statement like press conference is more preferable for some people, but putting myself in their shoes, i'd feel very scared to face reporters or even my fans, plus people will scrutinize from their facial expressions, intonation, etcetc. even if they're being sincere, when they're in depressed state, they'll easily make mistake which can lead into another misinterpretation. i hope t-ara can move on, fans can move on, let alone haters or antis whatever they do. it's not like t-ara never had antis before. yep the antis number is increased, and maybe some fans also left, but i'm sure they'll gain more new fans again in the future. however, while i've moved on from t-ara/hwayoung debacle, i don't think i can let go off ccm. i'm still pissed by the way he who must not be named handled this, kicking out hwayoung while unprofessionally bashed her. *sigh* i actually hope for all of them to leave ccm, but i can't hope too much lol.
  7. it's worrisome. i will never be able to guess what this guy is thinking. soyeon-hyomin are in the midst of drama, eunjung is just backstabbed by drama production team, and all of them are still depressed by the netizens' scary behavior... after all this debacle, i think ccm wouldn't just let them perform... i had a feeling something unexpected is going to happen. and since it's kks, it's more likely a bad news......... it's not something like goodbye stage right? T_____T argh, i know i shouldn't think like this, but i'm really afraid of whatever this company going to do to these girls.
  8. i thought my statement is pretty clear. it's a one sided decision by kim kwangsoo and ccm.
  9. everyone knows who's the real culprits in this. only antis will point their fingers to either hwayoung or 6-ara.
  10. yeah, where's KEMA during that time? isn't hwayoung contract termination also a one sided decision?
  11. and all this time, what all those bs about supporting eunjung? backstabber...
  12. i found the title about "mother who was a child actress" kinda... unrelated xD it must have been depressing for eunjung T_T i hope she can overcome this and nothing horrible happen... T_T
  13. this is probably has less thing to do with SBS. SBS only have the rights of airing this drama not producing this and made decision about the actors/actress. the contract is also between the drama production team and eunjung, not SBS and eunjung. it's the drama production team (Yein Entertainment) decision to remove eunjung. the fact that SBS picked this drama despite having joo ji hoon in it, is actually a prove that SBS aren't that harsh in their "banning" policy. i'm happy to see someone else, not CCM, speak up for her. where is KKS in all this? srsly. eunjung fighting! T_T
  14. this just sum up the situation perfectly. in sbs and kbs stance, both dramas aren't produced by in-house drama production team. while broadcasting stations can have their regulation (like joo ji hoon, i don't know if kbs and mbc have lifted their ban), most decisions came from the production team. that's why you see soyeon part still aired in kbs drama yet jiyeon-eunjung part in another kbs drama is questionable.
  15. wtf?????!!!!!!!! if they want to drop eunjung, they should have done that earlier with further notice and addressing this issue professionally... not doing things abruptly and unprofessionally like this. smh. this is a contract violation, at the very least eunjung should get compensation for this. but even a compensation will not pay anything. eunjung has rejected other offers for this drama. and this is how they repay her. smh.
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