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  1. It's a safe bet Hyomin's hands were on the product at some point since this is pretty much an Etsy-like venture. so that's pretty special. You could always frame them like some football fans do with their favs jerseys.
  2. @-@ CR: Park Hyomin, @hyominnn + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
  3. 오늘은 지연이도 합류!! ㅋㅋ 딸래미들!! 하며 부른게 엇 그제 같은디.. 벌써 6년넘었네 어메메~~ 그래도 맘들은 다 한결같은 동생들! 멋진 화보 기대하시라!!!~ #tara #티아라 #은효지 #다함께차차차 #셀스타그램 #넷스타그램 #얼스타그램 #촬스타그램 #데일리컷 #데일리룩 #dailylook 항상 단체 사진이 참 잘나오기가 힘들어..ㅋㅋ 뭐 이정도면 오늘 다들 열심히 일한 티 좀 나지않오? ㅋㅋ 다들 고생했다잉~~ #tara #티아라 #효민 #은정 #지연 #화보촬영 #함께해요 #다함께차차차 #셀스타그램 #직스타그램 #데일리컷 #데일리룩 #dailylook cr: Kim Woori, Park Hyomin, Ham Eunjung, Park Jiyeon, @kwrhome + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
  4. IMPORTANT: Note the measurements. 49 x 2 = 98cm chest. However as stated on the T-ARAholic app, part of the proceeds go to charity so if you're a collector, your purchase goes toward a charitable cause in the name of T-ARA so that's always a positive even if the t shirt doesn't fit you. Also, T-ARAholic is now officially out of its beta phase! Congrats!
  5. I've already decided that my stage name is going to be Salty Ex Static. I may change my username.
  6. Soyeon got love from teh interwebz today. Happy birthday Soyeon! ♥
  7. http://instagram.com/p/tvVXA4B3DD/ Thank you very, very much 전보람작가님이 찍고 만들어주신 생축샷 #고마워#사...#사...#좋아해 CR: Park Soyeon, @melodysoyani + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
  8. Jeon Bo Ram ‏@BoRam_0322 19s 내가 가는 이 길이 어디로 가는지 어디로 날 데려가는지 그 곳은 어딘지 알 수 없지만 알 수 없지만 알 수 없지만 오늘도 난 걸어가고 있네.. god - 길 Jeon Bo Ram ‏@BoRam_0322 54m 천도복숭아랑 미니사과랑 ♡ 아하헤헿_" 챱.챱 CR: Jeon Boram, @BoRam_0322
  9. Always happy to see new photos of T-ARA performances. ♥
  10. 춥다. 감기조심 Cold. Beware the cold. CR: Park Hyomin, @hyominnn + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem translation by Google
  11. lol, nothing fazes Jiyeon and Eunjung. They're too cool for any of that.
  12. 어흥 햄버거왕 이랑 슈가프리 http://instagram.com/p/to3EHmh3Hj/ 흔들려도 괜찮아 CR: Park Soyeon, @melodysoyani + CptFantasy + tiaradiadem
  13. #티아라#지금#GS윈터컬렉션#모델정아민#amjagency CR: GS Shop, Jung Younghwa, Park Hyomin, Park Jiyeon + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
  14. [14.09.30] Video - T-ara @ CH.MPD Mission CR: MNet, Ch.MPD, T-ARA, cptfantasy@tiaradiadem
  15. The video is already english subbed. You need to turn on closed captions.
  16. #효민 #소연 크로스 !! - [TRANS] #Hyomin #Soyeon Cross !! 휴게소 에서...#라면 이냐#우동 이냐 여러분은? - [TRANS] At the #RestArea… #Ramyeon or #udon What do you guys (think)? CR: transbot@tumblr
  17. It's 6AM in Korea so she's sleeping. I'm sure there will be updates later today.
  18. [14.09.27] Info - Coremidas: Jiyeon Hospitalized before Show! Music Core filming Jiyeon started getting sick before filming so she was taken to the hospital. "Jiyeon is currently at the hospital receiving treatment. We apologize for causing worry to the fans. She will try to recover completely, so she can show you a lively performance quickly." **** Source: https://twitter.com/coremidas/status/515834535406092288 Translation Cr:
  19. 예쁜여자사람 #LOMO lc-a+ @qtfreet 박작가의스킬 #LOMO #DAILYLOOK @melodysoyani http://instagram.com/p/tcQerMvKkM/ 메롱 #LOMO #DAILYLOOK #LOMO #DAILYLOOK #청량리 CR: Park Hyomin, @hyominnn + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
  20. Hyomin: "로모로 찍은 큐리언니의 첫사진" CR :Park Hyomin, Lee Qri, T-ARAholic + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
  21. 안뇽 CR: Ham Eunjung, T-ARAholic + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
  22. Woa... looks like it's going to be a sexy photoshoot! Cool outfit she's got!
  23. Here is the article http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5MzQ4Mjk4Ng==&mid=201352881&idx=1&sn=0a446c04ad6dedf7f6f44589390922c1&3rd=MzA3MDU4NTYzMw==&scene=6#rd It's in Chinese but that's the source.
  24. [14.09.24] Video - T-ARA Interview @ Ch.MPD [MV코멘터리] 엠피디&파비앙 티아라(T-ara) - Sugar Free K-POP Follower MPD's new project !! M/V T-ara "Sugar Free" Commentary ! And surprise guest, T-ara's M/V behind story~ CR: Mnet, Ch. MPD, T-ARA, Yoon Fabien, cptfantasy@tiaradiadem
  25. 우리는 86.. 새벽잠이 엄서용 CR: Lee Qri, @QriPretty + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
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