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  1. You're awesome Boram. I love her interviews. She's mature, witty and relatable.
  2. Really interesting. I really wish he gave more info on the remix album but this is better than nothing. I liked his remix the most along with Tiger's so I'm looking forward to trying to get a copy of the album
  3. They honestly inspire me so much which is why I haven't gotten bored of them like I have other groups. You guys are worth more than all those people who try to hurt you, so much more
  4. Finally concerts! I was wondering what happened to the 5 chinese concerts and the tour they said they would hold on June and July. At least we get something
  5. T-ara is probably the only group I want to read fanfics about but I can't find any more fics with Boram as the MC

  6. The quality of the fancam is awesome. I liked the performances although I wish they put a little more effort
  7. Oh my poor baby, I have missed you so much. She looks healthy. Maybe time away from instagram helped because she was cut off from those poisonous comments. Stay healthy and I hope you have a great year
  8. Can I post this in another forum? It's such an interesting interview that shows her inner thoughts. I hope she gains more confidence and I'm really glad she's been improving herself. You're great Boram and you'll do well in the future God willing. Happy Birthday
  9. T-ara members are tough. Have you seen their schedule before and after the scandal. Jiyeon and Hyomin have both tackled solo promotions (filiming dramas, movies and other projects) and T-ara at the same time. As insane as it sounds, I think they've gotten used to the work load. The only problem I have is that their weakness will be more glaring. I just hope it doesn't affect their confidence and that they try to strengthen themselves. the ability to debut and be successful depends on how good your song is. Look at some of K-pop's best selling songs, some of them are done by idol groups that are not known for being vocalists (or having them even). Look at Gee, for example, it got popular not because of Taeyeon and her good singing abilities but because it was a fun, catchy song. People will like what they like. Don't talk about singing live like it matters all that much. T-ara isn't known for that so people won't have expectations. Besides, since the series of concerts last year, I think they've both gotten more stable.
  10. precisely. Members going solo is not a new thing. Groups have done it before them and remained together. For all we know the girls might be seeing how it feels to promote alone so that they are prepared if and when T-ara disbands anyone can be a solo artist tbh. Hyomin has shown she can sing with the Immortal Singer appearances with Eunjung. I really liked Jiyeon's solo single in Banisuta. You don't have to have really good vocals to release a song. Otherwise Hyuna would be just a rapper in 4Minute and Sunmi would be in school right now. It's the song's quality that matters so I'm putting my faith on producers who have put out good songs before.
  11. This is good news. Going solo does not mean the group is disbanding. This might open new doors for the girls. Boram just told us that the girls want to keep going as T-ara. Have some faith in them please
  12. I actually like it and I love the song cover but why does it feel like they were used to generate some publicity for this project?
  13. How many people attended this concert? The girls were awesome as usual despite the mic problems
  14. The concert sold out, right? I hope they have fun
  15. I'm so sick and guilt ridden right now

  16. they said that when they were promoting the songs, they went to 4 to 5 events which took up the entire day. They've had a japanese tour and before that they promoted their album for a while, several concerts before and during promotions (Mongolia, HK, 3 venues in China, so on), japanese single were released, a comeback, fan meeting, showcases, an endorsement deal with a clothing store and others. All that in 6 months and there is no signs of them stopping any time soon.
  17. Just woke up. This is the best news because I thought EunJiMin will get projects before she does so I had no expectations. Doesn't matter. Can't wait for the solos. You'll do well. Too bad the musical will never be shown in my country
  18. I think they are releasing it early because WDID flopped which is understandable because it is winter which means ballads. I don't mind new material but they need a break. It's been nonstop since the Japan tour.
  19. I love their outfits for this performance except Eunjung. Plus the stage is just awesome. I love this promotional cycle the most because the girls look like they are having fun
  20. I have a Biopsychology test next week but I don't want to study

  21. I'm very interested

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