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  1. I noticed she's using Hwoarang (I was gonna write Hwayoung for no apparent reason XD), which is quite appropriate; and she's literally kicking the opponent's a$$. Isn't Hyomin also a gaming enthusiast? The fact that these girls love playing video games just make me love them more.
  2. Wonder who else within T-ara plays Tekken. I believe she plays Tekken to relieve some stress.
  3. How do you lose 5kg from Dino? I don't wanna see skeleton Dino debuting solo. I wanna see healthy looking Dino! Bring her three more portions of samgyupsal already!
  4. I really like this picture. These two looked cuter than dolls. Her Japanese text reads "Beautiful (most likely referring to the bouquet basket)~~~ Thank you everyone." XD She even hash-tagged Tom and Jerry XD That is so dang cute!
  5. I've been b!tching and moaning about going to Japan for the whole week already. My wife really felt sorry for me coz we can't leave the country for some reason. I really wanna go and see them in persons They look so precious and dorky at the same time.
  6. Really!? She posted such a cute picture and her accompanying comment is about food!? I gotta say Dino never failed to surprise me.
  7. Jungie looks like a business woman going to meetings. It's better than her politician look in samurai pants though. She looks very sharp, very suave. Minnie is just stylish.
  8. Cool, most of the tracks are original works. Both the sapphire and diamond editions look great. I just know that the special movie is gonna put some wide smiles on my face. Oh I wanna see the album works!
  9. Hyomin is doing it again, she does not want my nose to stop bleeding. Wae Minnie, Wae you so mean to my nose?
  10. When Minnie takes care of herself, she takes care of her fans at the same time. When she's in a good shape, we all rejoice to see her XD
  11. It's amazing how she can wear anything and look fine in them. To me she looked a bit "too" Hahmsome today. She almost looked like a politician going to meetings.
  12. My initial reaction when I saw the pictures: Then I noticed there's something wrong with these pictures: 1. Why isn't she on my bed? and 2. Why am I not waking up to this every morning? I'm so sorry Jungie I will only be able to think about Minnie for two consecutive nights. I will not be able to walk straight for a few weeks, now that these images are in my head. My wife is gonna kill me... That's okay because Minnie already killed me about 6 times today.
  13. My first reaction was Qri judging by the hair color and gesture. But then after reading everyone's guess I'm also starting to guess that it could be Hyominnie as well...
  14. I believe all of the girls are able to pursue solo careers. All of them have improved their vocals brilliantly over the years. I look forward to Minnie's and Dino's activities, and I look forward to other girls' endeavors as well.
  15. Please, people. Health warnings. Oh my word the LEGS! Hyomin's assassination attempt had succeed again...
  16. Someone call the cops man, Dino is out with her sexy rampage again. Somebody stop her before she causes more heart attacks.
  17. I saw the thumbnail with Minnie in the red suit and I clicked like already. I'll give it more thoughts after I finish watching the video, but I think I'll like it a lot. some 10 minutes later... I know Jungie has a great voice, I never realized it was so good it could almost rival Sso's. It's like what they say in many Anime series "removing the seal of self-restraint". She surprises me every time she does something, I'm beginning to wonder what she cannot do. While contemplating all that, I still can't stop drooling over Minnie in the red suit.
  18. I saw the thumbnail of the video and I clicked like already. I'll give more thoughts after I watch it. I got a feeling I'll like it a lot. 4 minutes later... The song was great. They both looked so good in shirts and jeans. I really dig Jungie's new hair color.
  19. This is what heaven looks like. Minnie looks so amazing in these photos.
  20. Oh my word she looks totally like a doll here. Boram and Soyeon are the only two who can pull off the doll look and Boram is especially suited for the doll look.
  21. President Dino. Does that mean kids enjoys dorky characters? I mean, you can't get dorkier than Dino. Jokes aside, it only shows how versatile Dino can be. She can be a sexy goddess as well as the president of elementary school students.
  22. Me: * faints over Minnie looking too stunning in red coat * Why does she look so good in red? I like the leather pants on the Yeon sisters, they look really sharp in them.
  23. Haha, You're quite right. I've been a manga / anime fan since the 80's XD I'm giving away my age here. Haha.
  24. WHY!? Why did they decide to give her caterpillars for eyebrows? Minnie's brows are thick but they're certainly not this dark. The caterpillars made her look like Kenshiro jumping out of Fist of the North Stars or Seiya from Saint Seiya. @@
  25. If I just left a "drool" then I'll be caught spamming (again), so I better come up with something more constructive... DROOL... I adore Minnie and Qri's looks. Jiyeon's dress is very precious. Sso's face is like "Are we done yet?"
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