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  1. Just dropping by to say, I have been resurrected from the dead and now ready to support this comeback to the max!
  2. T-ara Celucasn advertisement spotted in 潮流前线 Shop today! They fixed that T-rar error. LOL CREDIT: 喊恩静这是唯一 + Meloona + HeraldC + TiaraDiadem
  3. I can see their resemblance xD Jeon sisters are really cute together Anyway, translation up!
  4. 먹고 자고 싸고 먹고 자고 싸고~ 훔쳐봐서 sorry [TRANS] Eat, sleep, cover up, eat, sleep, cover up~ sorry for stealing a look 코 잔당 먹고 자고 먹고 자고~ [TRANS] sleeping eat, sleep, eat, sleep~ Cute puppy! But where is Bappeul >< * * * * * * * * * CREDIT: qtfreet @ Instagram + Translation by @_transbot + HeraldC + tiaradiadem
  5. [iG] Qri Instagram Update (02/15) 멍뭉아 너도 해줄께~! 팬서비스로 #하이터치
  6. WELL... Not that I meant anything, but our fandom's "creativity" certainly can be a little puzzling sometimes.
  7. [15.02.14] Video HD - TS (T-ARA, SPEED, The Seeya & Seunghee) - Don't Forget Me @ Show! Music Core https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=REXMVo93Pms * * * * * * * * * CREDIT: MM Central @ Youtube
  8. [15.02.12] Video HD - TS (T-ARA, SPEED, The Seeya & Seunghee) - Don't Forget Me @ M! Countdown Comeback Stage 1080p : * * * * * * * * * CREDIT: Mnet + tarakeepout (1080p) @ Youtube
  9. [iG] Qri Instagram Update (02/11) Happy Birthday~~~~ Also from @smalllady0311 Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/y9ya5UwEVB/ * * * * * * * * * CREDIT: qtfreet + smalllady0311 @ Instagram + HeraldC + tiaradiadem
  10. Not. one. tears. not even a drop. Based God Qri is based. OTL
  11. if u didn't watch Dear My Family concert stream just now then.. well, ur loss m8 coz it was greeeeeaaaatttt #rekt

  12. [Hiatus on Vacation] if u need, leave me a message :D

    1. Rose Lily

      Rose Lily

      I NEEEEEEEED YOU C, I MIIIIIIIISSS YOUUUUU - there's your message.

    2. HeraldC



      No really. I miss u 4 real. *run away b4 ur bf read this*

    3. Rose Lily

      Rose Lily

      <3 AWWWWW. No he's okay. I wouldn't ditch him for anyone LOL. Also have you started that fanfic?

      I'm sending you mine now.

  13. No, I'm not okay with this. I need to go to a corner and cry. dangitopparwhy
  14. [iG] Qri Instagram Update (11/19) new camera*\(^o^)/* #EXILIM #EX-FR10 #sunglass #Kessler #맨투맨 #두유노 #큐리 훗 heh * * * * * * * * * CREDIT: qtfreet @ Instagram+ HeraldC + tiaradiadem
  15. Not gonna lie, wasn't really enthusiastic for this - at first. I was like...oh, nice. it's JWD part two - close tab. But now after I heard how it sounds (well, barely) and saw them playing in the pool like that, well, what's the reason not to like? I'm so ready for this #SlayMe
  16. I'm liking that tube dress in Boram. Here's to hoping she wore it more often! xD
  17. Qri out on a hot date while Ssomin busy knitting, I see. SOMEBODY PLS EXPLAIN WHY HER FRIENDS ARE ALL CUTIES. OTL
  18. 14-09-14 the day when based Soyeon slayed us with honest-to-god cuteness. I'M NOT OKAY. #RIP
  19. Happy birthdayto u~ Happy birthday to u~

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    2. HeraldC


      Happy birthday to you <3

    3. HeraldC


      Seriously, happy birthday, nerd. send me pics of the cake, okay? Have a good one!

    4. Kamisa


      Ilyz ill send pics theres nothing besides huge ass cupcakes. Getting some korean bbq for dinner tho. Ty bby ijlyz ilyzilyz

  20. [iG] junghoon_bae Update Ft. Qri (10/31) #할로윈 #한보름 #큐리 #omg 할로윈은 뜨겁게!! * * * * * * * * * CREDIT: junghoon_bae IG + HeraldC + tiaradiadem
  21. ASDFGHJKL QRI HANBLING2 PARK SSO HALLOWEEN EDITION My life is complete. Shall be departing this plane soon TT ^ TT
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