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  1. a year and a half alr....also about time for them to leave wgm to have some privacy for their love life! haha! though its sad to see couples leave the show... all the best jangwoo and eun jung!!! i hope they get married eventually!!!!
  2. I dont really care if it is fake or not... if she is really hurt.. then its good that she rest... if she is not hurt... then she gets to rest... either way its giod for soyeon... the queens are still going to support her!!! Soyeon fightng!!!
  3. Hiax... i really think that the reporters are going a little overboard... maybe koreans are still interested in finding out the real reason for the incident... but internatonal fans are looking further than what happened... if koeans are like overseas fans... i thk that the reporters shoukd let it go... tara have refused so many times... i think no point pushing for it....
  4. will there be an album?!?! i'm glad t-ara is continuing to produce music...haha! better off than staying down doing nothing! life goes on...^^ fighting t-ara!
  5. wth?! strong intentions to continue shooting! fighting Soyeon!! i hope that she recovers soon! ^^
  6. can't wait to hear the jap ver! haha! and davichi singing jap! i'm sure they would be quite popular in japan with their skills!
  7. LOL!!! they are making a joke out of themselves! the minority who became anti-fans just got owned by the queens....=.= TROLLED!
  8. lol...after all these time these people are still bearing their hate...come on...its entertainment......=.=....entertainment......if it doesn't entertain you...just go find some others that can.... they can't entertain everyone with different taste....=.=
  9. I JUST HOPE THAT THIS IS NOT ANOTHER ONE OF KKS PUBLICITY STUN!!! for all you know kks might ask her to do something like the previous incident that is un-ethical again.....thats why she refused...no speculations here...i'm just sitting on the fence since i know that there is zero transparency here....=.=
  10. Hiax...all these fan cafe thingy....=.=....deadly..... though i can't say who is in the right and who is in the wrong...but.....i still think that anti-fans are un-ethical....
  11. wow!!! relieved! haha! at least actor eun jung will be able to continue without being affected by singer eunjung!!!! this is good news!
  12. Hiax...hwayoung is a great rapper! i don't know how much of the story is true....but indeed something adnormal must have happened to result in this.... i hope t-ara stays strong and things patches up....if not at least let everyone be a great artiste.... Fighting!
  13. Why why? the whole story sounded so one sided TTM... The truth will be revealed one day!!!!
  14. haha!!!! OMG!!! SOYEON!!! so cute! haha!!! can't wait for the drama! haha!
  15. haha!!! something like traditional korean dance...but it reminds me of indian and thai traditional dance instead...haha!!!
  16. how do i get these posters???? the one with the album seems to be another one!
  17. Haha!!! i haven't seen the leaked video...but i hope that this is good! haha!!! since its from a renowned choreographer i have confidence! haha!!! Why only soyeon has a different pose while all others are the same?!?!?! I agree that areum looks quite big in that picture! haha!!!
  18. Running man!!!! shows her popularity and attention she is getting in the industry!!!~~ to be able to record for running man! i hope other members get to film for running man too!
  19. As a guy i shouldn't be saying this....but the shoes doesn't look nice leh...haha!!! i think this ad will boost sales for the clothes instead of the shoes! haha!!!
  20. wow!!!! haha! can't wait for their comeback stage and my album to arrive! I've got a feeling that it will kill charts again!
  21. wow!!!! must be crazy hectic for them!!!! i'm sure they are enjoying it though! :D receiving so much love from everywhere! Explosive reaction! Jjang!!!
  22. LOL!!!!! DANI with blue eyes!!!! she isn't human is she??? haha!!! interesting storyline they have there! haha!!! the rap is awesome!!! :D:D Jjang!
  23. Aww....i expected hyomin's hair to be flaming red...haha!!!! looks abit faded though...soyeon's hair is still bunned up in the usual manner! haha!!!
  24. Interesting concept!! Can't wait for the MV to come out later! haha!!!
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