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  1. Long time no see.. -,-

  2. Pretty much same. hahaha

  3. The last day of 2014! ~~

  4. The last day of 2014! ~~

  5. Merry Christmas Everyone! ^^

  6. All I want for Christmas is you! #TARA1stKoreaConcert

  7. Does anyone here that can afford, this perfection?
  8. 진격!... 했다가..인사하고가기 #사무실#projektprodukt #suecommabonnie#clioblue#vasa Cr: Eunjung's Instagram + Hyo'Min + tiaradiadem.com
  9. Another giveaway by Diadem! ^^ lol. I want to win one of Hyomin or Jiyeon's solo album so badly. Thank you for Will and the other Diadem's staff that make this happen. You guys are the best! Good luck for the other!
  10. The 3rd pic is so... hahaha. Its make my laugh for a while. and the fourth pictures showing the dorky side of her again. ^^
  11. Gorgeous as always. Andwae why Hyomin so beutiful..!? >.<
  12. Summer Breaking Time!

  13. Nice Body Fighting!

  14. This song is too good. Already played it and repeat it. Love this so much.. Now, let's waiting for her comeback on stage this week! NICE BODY FIGHTING!
  15. Oh, thats was funny and hot. It better than I expected, gonna wait and see the 19+ teaser. Nicebody fighting!
  16. Finally the MV was released. Jiyeon look so sexy and her voice fit the song as well. That 1min1sec kid are never disappointed me.
  17. WTF with this. This will be amazing debut. Hahaha.. btw I'm fainted for about 1min 1sec.
  18. #HappyBdayDiadem ^^

  19. Happy birthday Diadem. Its already 5 years huh? And I have only joined this forum back in December last year. But though I still new in this forum, I already falling in love with this forum. Thank's to the staff for always treat me from the beginning until now. I really appreciate it. Last Word: *Lets us together until the end. Keep doing the best for T-ara and for diadem. * #Happy 5th Birthday Diadem ^^
  20. Happy B'day Hwahyoung! Hope you fine as always. ^^

  21. This photoshoot is amazing. Its simply and magnificent.
  22. Look life a female mafia. If she kill me its okay, but at least I can meet with her. lol
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