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  1. Old Username (Name you login with): 427o New User Name: 427o Link to any one of your posts: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/25176-game-t-ara-survivor-31/?p=421806 Donor: Yes
  2. I like the instrumental but the rap... It's supposed to be a fun and carefree song but they're making it into something way too sexual, imo.
  3. I really don't understand what's wrong with the fan account. What happened wasn't T-ara's fault, it was the responsibility of CB's agency and CCM.
  4. I came here to write basically what you just did. There was nothing wrong with the fan account, Diadem staff should've just let it be posted here. Now everyone who wants to bring T-ara down is sharing it, basically.
  5. Unless the fan account isn't true, there was no reason for it to be taken down.
  6. I understand that. But it's not like not allowing it to be posted here will make it disappear on other sites. The post doesn't break any forum rules, the administrators (or whoever) don't allow it simply because they don't like it and that's not right. If anything, we could use that fan account to criticize CCM and Chris Brown's company so it doesn't happen again.
  7. The most hated group in South Korea collaborates with one of the most hated men in America... lol. What is KKS thinking? This is going to do nothing to help T-ara's image in Korea, besides, they should promote more in Japan, not think about a US debut right now.
  8. It hasn't been announced yet. More details will be revealed on the 12th, hopefully.
  9. Even if their clothing style is hip hop-ish, doesn't mean the song is like that too. Kind of like what they did with Choo Choo Train. Either way, I'm looking forward to it. Whatever the concept may be, I trust that they can pull it off
  10. So, they'll be filming Princess T-ara starting mid-April, then there will be subunit activities probably the whole May (during which time they'll record this Japanese album, I presume), some other activities... That leaves about a month and a half to prepare for the concert, film the MV. Isn't it too much? Why not just concentrate on either Japan or Korea, instead of half-assing both comebacks?
  11. I was thinking the same thing. Even before the announcement I wondered what will happen to T-ara when Qri and Boram get even older - will they promote without them or just disband? This could be the answer lol I'm kind of excited for the unit but right now it would've been best to promote as a group and show a united front. I bet Sso, Boram and Qri are pissed at Areum for getting so much attention, I know I would be. Just please KKS, don't screw up this year too.
  12. Wow, congratulations! I guess making 10 different versions of the album was a good idea after all.
  13. Many good news lately, maybe things will finally start picking up for them. I've been waiting to see her on the screen again, I hope she'll do well!
  14. Of course people only care that T-ara's Soyeon is involved, what about the other two, netizens? Adding this to the list of their stupid scandals.
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