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  1. ThisCharmingSam

    Winners of the Diadem Christmas SNS Album Giveaway!

    Congratulations everyone!! These are quite fun, they should be done more often!
  2. ThisCharmingSam

    [IG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (11/22)

    This was taken during Little Apple filming? wasnt it? Must have been so much fun to shoot that!! Thanks for the post!
  3. ThisCharmingSam

    [PRESS] Eunjung at Incheon Airport from Brunei (11/22)

    Woah, Eunjung really does look nice here! Thanks for the post!
  4. ThisCharmingSam

    [ADS/PROMO] Hyomin and Jiyeon for TBJ (11/23)

    Woah Jiyeon & Hyomin both look so pretty here!!
  5. ThisCharmingSam

    [IG] Soyeon's Instagram Update (11/23)

    Woah, check out those shoes!!!! Thanks for the post!
  6. ThisCharmingSam

    [TWITTER] Boram's Update (11/22)

    Boram is so cute in any picture taken with her in it!! Thanks for the post!
  7. ThisCharmingSam

    [IG] Soyeon's Instagram Update (11/24)

    Wow, that is alot of people, the girls looks great in every picture they take, really! Thanks for the post!
  8. ThisCharmingSam

    [IG] Thank You Update Feat. Hyomin (11/24)

    Those are her 2 dogs, arent they? Wow, she really loves them, Thanks for the post!
  9. ThisCharmingSam

    [GIFS] T-ara @ Little Apple MV ft Chopsticks Brothers

    This must have really been so much fun to film!!! Thanks for the post!
  10. ThisCharmingSam

    [IG] Qri's Instagram Update (11/24)

    Woah, Qri looks amazing here, she is seriously making me rethink my favourite of the group these past few days! Thanks for the post!
  11. ThisCharmingSam

    [FACEBOOK] T-ARA Update (11/24)

    Wow, congratulations to her, really! I'm sure she is very happy!! Thanks for the post!
  12. ThisCharmingSam

    [IG] Lee Jusun Update with T-ara (11/24)

    Nice picture, to say the least! Thanks for the post!
  13. ThisCharmingSam

    [IG] Hyomin Update (11/25)

    These pictures are very cute, i liked the last one very much! Thanks for the post!
  14. ThisCharmingSam

    [T-ARAHOLIC] Hyomin Update (11/25)

    she should keep that hairstyle for a while, it really suits her! Thanks for the post!
  15. ThisCharmingSam

    [PRESS] T-ara at SBS Mtv the Show (11/25)

    Hyomin looks ready to fight someone in the second picture, how cute!!
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