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  1. RT @INDIEWASHERE: destiny's child: ladies leave your man at home 7 year old me: https://t.co/WmhO9i6yNB

  2. RT @ArianaGrande: My xxxx is in flames

  3. RT @stylestruIy: roses are red april is grey but in a few days https://t.co/piRMMIUKxE

  4. RT @GadoBeats: “Look Morty, I-I turned m-myself into Solange” https://t.co/tcFOODLjAW

  5. RT @juliapencek: If I was Khloe I would tell Tristan he can see the birth of his child on the next season of KUWTK

  6. RT @angeIictears: this is Mariah Carey’s cat https://t.co/nAD20yoSlS

  7. @juli_alexim @kezthelord OMG YAASSSSS I AM SCREAMING

  8. RT @CupcakKe_rapper: Rihonor https://t.co/lJn9C8ons6

  9. RT @biticonjustine: i never pay attention to this ad for this anime dress up game but im looking at it closely and its definitely how me an…

  10. RT @ColIegeStudent: Can bob the builder fix my grades or is it too big of a task?

  11. RT @angeIicHOE: he looks like that girl who makes horse noises at school https://t.co/HedzLLjlvK

  12. RT @FreddyAmazin: cute valentine’s gift idea: pay my tuition

  13. RT @KyloR3n: well Rey if Luke Skywalker is so trustworthy then i’m SURE he’s told you about the incident when he knocked my Death Star birt…

  14. RT @mitchelmusso: I have 1 type —-> bad bitches

  15. RT @FreddyAmazin: xxxx do you mean assume? https://t.co/vRqMBd6JNA

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