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  1. oh heyy Vegabond, do u have a thread for T-ara Temptastic screensaver? or do u have it cuz i want it soo bad but i cnt sign up for MNET >.<

  2. HwaYoung looking very classy, and with no make-up too. Star photographer.
  3. thanks for linking me!!

  4. The Music Bank Crew is gay! I wanna' see HwaYoung and EunJung's legs dammit!
  5. "Go it Go it Go it Go" meant 'Giving you my folded heart'.
  6. hi umm can I ask a question? that's 9M's Sera on your signature right? from what video is that gif? could you link me to the vid stream or ddl? thanks ><

  7. yea leagends haha, but I was wondering if you knew anyone who used to upload videos from them? Idk about you but im a big fan of them :j

  8. Transformed look? They'll mess up their everything again. HwaYoung better look the same as she did pre-debut.
  9. hey vaga have you heard of a group called shinhwa? To be honest I need help and idk who to turn to but you haha

  10. Still can't believe she cut her hair to play in that failure, and now this on top of things?
  11. That's not passion, that's obsession. Just because he's a workaholic doesn't mean he gets to slave drive the girls. Oh, so he's the one I should blame for the constant hair cuts and changes! (especially for Boram and Eunjung) You're my nemesis, Kim Kwangsoo!
  12. EunJung finally gets the recognition she deserves. I hope she impresses everyone with her acting in this.
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