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  1. I dont think they should be sad because of this... they are in one company so they have to stay together not to be rivals.. <.<
  2. Awwww so beautiful picccc! I love her eyelashes ^^ And the make up here is sweet :]] I want to make up like this but people will watch me strange XD
  3. Somehow i absolutely disagree with this... Oo Interesting point of view...
  4. wooooooooooooooo my princess so sexy and beautiful <33333333333333
  5. So beautiful <33333 I want so long hair <.<
  6. I wish Hwa Young has more pictures!! She is so pretty <333
  7. Sexy legsss Love So Yeon... since I go crazy cuz of u i cant stop watching her like this *_*
  8. Oh Eun Jung Well Boram, do your best, i know u can do it!!
  9. I am disappointed, sorry. I wish this girl go to where T-ara is now... and as part of them I wish she will be ok with everything around the group. But actually 6 is my fav number..so as my fav group T-ara was different from all others... I'm person who doesn't like changes and when i'm ok with that, i can be ok to the end... I dont know what to say...i need to see this girl working...working as T-ara did to now...working to become a pro. (as Eun Jung wanted in Coffe House) .. ..
  10. where can this live be downloaded ?
  11. cute cute cute cute Eun jung !!!!!! <3333333
  12. so, is Eun jung at the concert or not ? and which songs did they sing ?
  13. first pic is so lovely <333 cute eun jung ^^
  14. i cant wait <333 and still cant understand what is her role..
  15. btw what is her role ? and why is she connected with Kang Ji Hwan in the drama?
  16. i wanna see Qri acting <33 cant wait !
  17. awww they are showing legs ^^ boram is so cute with pink shorts ^^
  18. i cant waittttttttttt !! and the other actors are one of my favourite <33333 so cool!
  19. is this live somewhere uploaded ? thanks for pics
  20. ah, where are the others ? thanks for pics
  21. oh! i have to download it ~ thanks
  22. i want MV ! they are funny in this way i like them
  23. mmmmm... where can we download it ? is it out ? sorry, i just cant get whats this drama..
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