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  1. Aww~ Jiyeon is so cute! Can you give me the password too? Thanks!
  2. happy birthday!!! have a great day!!! :D

  3. coffee3


    she's so cute even when she eats... aish... seeing her eat makes me want to eat whatever it is she's eating.
  4. This is definitely a major change for T-ara. I can't completely pinpoint what I'm feeling but I'm certainly happy about this!!
  5. waaaa~ Jiyeon looks so cute rolling on that... bounce bounce thing. XD
  6. lol. It's cool that T-ara got to hang out with them... even though they're only pictures. XD I LOVE Jiyeon's pose. ang Soyeon's too.
  7. aww. Hyomin will really miss Sunny. I hope she does well without Sunny helping her.
  8. Her parents are really good looking indeed. We have to thank Jiyeon's parents for a wonderful baby!
  9. Jiyeon! She looks so pure in these promotions! I love her!
  10. Weeeee! They are so . These pictures reminds me of Lies poolside version.
  11. Wow. That's hard work. Wonder what those are for. It's great to see Eunjung liking Twitter.
  12. This poster is epic! I wish i could have a poster like this. Can't wait to see Death Bell 2! I swear i'm going to cry when i see Jiyeon's character get killed. Scary movie and Jiyeon is LOVE
  13. Lol at the third pic. So cute and dorky and.. cute!
  14. This is one of the most perfect pictures that I've ever seen. :D So sublime.
  15. YAY! Hyomin's cake is soo cute! Aww. belated Happy Cake Day Hyomin-unnie! WE LOVE YOU!
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