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  1. If I'm not mistaken this event was actually held on January but MBC aired an edited version for TV around a week ago.. But MBC only showed the Cry Cry part so thanks so much for the video!
  2. Sorry, but I can't watch this.. its marked as 'Private'
  3. Great solution for the ever perplexing airport fashion dilemma... wear comfortable t-shirt and pants and cover it up with a fashionable jacket.. voila comfort & fashion!
  4. It sounds good in theory, but I tried mixing milk and lemonade once and got a nasty stomach ache
  5. I really like the video... but where is Hwayoung? Didn't CCM said that there was supposed to be Hwayoung vs. Hyoyoung dancing head to head in the MV?
  6. I wonder if the girls also watched this week's Music Bank in Paris through KBS World like alot of us did... They probably would be jumping up and down in celebration... since its live tv it would be like an out of body experience OH YEAH...!! Did anyone noticed EunJeung's close friend,school mate and ex-T-ara member Yang Jiwon debuting as member of rookie group Spica during the show?
  7. So i was wondering what will Eun Jeung be doing in Paris... I hope CCM won't force her to dance again... It will be awesome if she still performs Lovey Dovey but instead of giving her just a chair in the sideline like most boybands do if they have an injured member, how about giving her a DJ table instead? So she can still rock with the song without putting pressure on her legs...
  8. "The Chinese version of "We Got Married" will air in China via SMG on February 13th and 14th as a Valentine's Day special." Does this mean that it will be only 2 episodes?
  9. Please noooo.... Do they even know english? You know what it means if a guy is called a 'Queen,' right? Doesn't CCM realized that most of T-ara's fans are male?..... this will be a worse name that After School's 'Playgirlz'... PS: I think Freddy Mercury has alread copyrighted the name
  10. Let's look at this positively... T-ara will make a billion more new fans in China who will hopefuly buy their albums and make our girls richer... But can somebody tell me if its just a special or an ongoing series? Forget about the language barrier, how are they going to film this? Will the guy commute to and from China every week?
  11. Poor Eunjeung, Its because she has scheduling that can only be done by a superhuman .. she was probably dead tired and half-sleepwalking when she slipped.. CCM needs to give her some real rest...
  12. Finally people have took notice of the beauty that is Soyeon.. too bad the ranking isn't based on sharp wit or she'll be no.1 PS: I know most on the list but can somebody tell me who are no. 5, 14 and 23? Thanks!
  13. Just to show how great T-ara fans are.. even without an official organized fan club they are still able to support the girls through fan chants, forums, etc... can you believe what their fans can do if we are really organized?
  14. Top kudos for the person who came out with the idea of cutting Hwayoungs hair short and making her a bazillion degrees hotter.. - Long hair Hwayoung = meh.... - Short-hair Hwayoung = MEAOW!!
  15. They just arrived back from Japan so I guess Eun Jeung had to catch up on filming her drama and tending to her 'husband'... busy. busy..
  16. Really tough competition. T-ara still needs to knock down "the Big 2" SNSD (they are promo-ing Mr. Taxi straight after The Boys) and Wonder Girls (Be My Baby is so JYP-rific) to win.. and IU can be a dark horse.. But I bet T-ara will start winning next week, which means now they are definitely in SNSD & WG's league..!
  17. Really happy they won... really sad the show didn't get aired...
  18. Dance, rap, sing, modeling, act.. even her variety skills are getting more "explosive".. Can't wait to watch the episodes!
  19. Reminded me when she wore that pink bunny/kangaroo outfit in Invincible Youth and hopped around a wrestling mat..
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