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[12.02.26] T-ara to release new album and hold first solo concert in July!


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Its great news for fans.. but it also brings about the whole issue of adequate rest. A new album and concert together seems a bit pushing it! >_<

I don't think having a solo concert and releasing a new album (actually, make that two if you count the Japanese one they're supposed to work on) was ever in their interest at recent times. They're simply too overworked to even want to give it a go.

They had 3 comebacks since last summer and not a SINGLE day of rest since then. To put it very honestly in a forward way, CCM's Kim Kwang Su has lied to everyone about T-ara getting this so-called '10-day break' (and frankly, a 10 day break isn't enough compared to nearly 3 years of no vacation - even the military is more fair than that).

Their CEO is nothing more than a old greedy Jabba the Hutt who's only got one thing in his head - money and power to compete against SM, YG and JYP, the Big Three. Hell, T-ara's schedule is probably the most tightest and exhausting out of all idol groups.

Hey guys!

Wow, it's my first post in this forum and I have to say that it is a fantastic community.

I have already a question:

How many of you are planning to go to the concert in July (Korea or wherever they are going to do it)? (I hope they will announce something soon).

Maybe we can organise a "Diadem Expedition" from all over the world (in my case, from Italy).

I have already started to save some money :-)

T-ARA fighting!!!

Mate, it's better if you organize a "Diadem Petition" from all over the world. Do you have any idea how overworked T-ara is? It makes all the other idol groups look like they're playing in kindergarten.

I highly doubt they want to perform any longer because since last summer, as I have said many times, they already had 3 comebacks and not one day of rest - since debut, not even a single vacation.

If you're a true fan, you should be more concerned about their wellbeing and health. Not what they promote.

If they're being overworked to death, most of their income probably taken by CCM and having members fainting and getting

injuries here and there, then they must have a long break first. It's not like their popularity will vanish completely.

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