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[OFFICIAL] Eunjung - Five Fingers Poster (07/25)

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TRANSLATION of Eunjung's Character Profile for Five Fingers:

wahh so glad Eunjung is still in this drama even after a massive K-netizens petition to replace her.. BTW here's the translation of Eunjung's profile :)

Hong Dami

A naturally emotional pianist.

Synonymous with 'cheerful girl', 'happy girl', 'optimistic girl'.

Always with a smile on her face and born with a never-give-up spirit (literal translation: like a tumbler toy).

Though poor, she still knows happiness; though sad, she still knows how to endure. Because of piano.

Although she had to give up learning the piano due to family circumstances, she never once in her heart forgot about piano.

Because of piano, she came to meet two men.

A man who chased her away because of a stolen music score, Ji Hyo (Joon Ji Hoon's character).

A man who saved her from almost becoming a criminal who forged her resume, In Ha (Ji Chang Wook's character).

At the time she did not know. These two men are men who will shake her life.

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