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[15.04.28] T-ara Eunjung’s unfinished tearful story on MNet 4 Things Show


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[15.04.28] T-ara Eunjung's unfinished tearful story on MNet 4 Things Show



T-ara’s member Eunjung will be appearing on MNet 4 Things Show and discuss about the unfinished story of that time.
MNet’s 4 Things Show featuring T-ara's Eunjung will be broadcasted on 28 April, Tuesday at 6pm. Eunjung will be talking about her stand regarding the controversy, her daily obstacles and how she overcame them.
Eunjung will be revealing facts about her life after debuting as a child actress 20 years ago on the TV program. Including her surprise vacation with her parents and childhood close friends, how she lost 7kg with Pilates classes, challenging herself to do floral work amidst her hectic schedules, etc. These are the different sides of Eunjung that defined her life experiences over the years.
Eunjung said in an interview on 4 Things Show, “every time when I’m appearing on a television program, I'll always be troubled by how the public will see me, I'll think a lot about it. But this time, I’m using a more relaxed attitude and mentality.”
“The truth that the public knows and believes, a huge part of it is not what the actual truth holds.” (Eunjung wants to say that a huge part of what the public believes in is not true and does not encapsulate even a small part of what the actual truth holds.)
Eunjung’s heart-breaking story that has not been told on any TV program of sorts will be revealed on 4 Things Show.
There will be a segment in the program, “Close Friends’ Perspectives of Eunjung.” It will be an interview with several close acquaintances like Eunjung’s fellow cast member Baek Sung Hyun of the drama Queen InSoo; a very close T-ara member that has been through ups and downs and many obstacles with her, Hyomin; and a fellow peer who was initially chosen to be part of T-ara and went through pre-debut trainings with her, currently a member of girl group SpicaJiwon. All of which will be revealed on Mnet's 4 Things Show.
Preview #1:




Preview #2:




Translated from Mandarin to English, translation taken from T-ara Bar.

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For God sake, I think the koreans are too sensitive on these kind of issues.......T-ara should not be treated like this....

maybe they should really just focus their activities oversea....so far we oversea fans still love them and never doubted or 

question them regarding the scandal issue...

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