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  1. Eunjung and hyomin coming to penang....!!!!!! Oh my god, seriusly?? I can't believe it...penang is where i live. I hope i have a chance to meet them in person....❤❤❤❤ i love u hyomin and eunjung noona
  2. I wish i can attend the showcase..... But its ok. I still support our noona. T-ara fighting I love eunjung noona new image (long hair). Hehehehehe Love from Malaysia Queen's. Feeling SO CRAZY right now in kuala lumpur. Hihihihi
  3. So sad.... no jiyeon.... It will be perfect if all member can sing together..... Anyway, love this version so much......
  4. So sad to see my princess crying again... i hate to see them crying because of the scandal... T-ara really need our support. As a true queen's, we should always love n make they proud to have fans like us. T-ara, fighting..... love u so much
  5. amazing...... I really love soyeon voice. she prove to the antis and haters that she can sing live. She really stole my heart.... The song is so lovely and make me feel warm...
  6. When did they performed this..??? Btw, hyomin nonna looks very sexy and she always different from other members......
  7. Oh my god..... It is very suprising perfomance. Qri did so well in the intro of the song. Love u so much qri noona. They looks very hot and sexy in the red dress. I love the whole performance. T ara no. 1 in kpop....
  8. Can i watch their fancam at the concert....???? Really apprecite if anyone can get the fancam.... tq
  9. My princess Qri really has many non-celebrity friends.... Love you Qri nunna... T-ara fighting ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  10. Are they coming to malaysia....??? Seriusly..???? Welcome to malaysia my dear girls... Malaysia's Queens always support you... My princess...
  11. Just one word QUEEN'S DAEBAK.... JJANG.... This is awesome... China queen's really show their love. Congratulation t-ara. Good job Queen's....
  12. Chinese queen's are ver lucky to have this angles in their country. They're very pretty and talented girls. I wish i can keep them at my house. Hihihi....
  13. Which song did t ara perfomed on day day up recording...? P/s they looks very beautiful in the chinese cloth..... is that cheongsam..?
  14. I hope they can do a variety show like princess t ara again?? I really miss to watch their daily schedule...
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