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  1. That last cap looks like soyeon's doing the mustache finger thingy xD although it is just a bit off Thanks for the upload ^^ will probably download this perf later on.
  2. Another picture of eunjung sleeping but in her bed this time i totes didn't see this update on twitter lols.
  3. Haha Eunjung stuck some toy bears on the front of her shoes Thanks for sharing the photos
  4. Thanks for uploading a baekhee and samdong couple would be a major twist in the storyline. def would not have seen it comming
  5. rofl a pokemon xD i couldn't believe it actually said pokemon, i thought it was a typo the first time haha
  6. Still love her either way looks good with eye liner and looks good with
  7. its catchy but my auto-tune-o-meter is going off the hook! can't wait for the full release
  8. Can't wait to hear this new Brave brothers song with t-ara! I'm really anticipating it
  9. It looks like they came straight from the Oak Valley event. They all wearing the same costumes lol
  10. Thanks for uploading the pictures i hope that they're getting enough rest as well :\
  11. nice brave brothers (Y) i'm expecting the song to be awesome
  12. you can see them pulling their costumes up in the pictures, poor girls
  13. Another bunch of eunjung pics thanks for sharing the photos Eunjung after looking at the photos i just realized that she had some purple in her hair haha
  14. Eunjung on we got married would of been nice i'd watch that for suree
  15. yay more t-ara.com picture updates!! thanks for the upload ^^
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