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  1. its so sad to see Eunjung like that, really hope they stay strong and overcome this challenge~
  2. oh dear, hope she recover as soon as possible. have some rest Soyeon~
  3. please dont do that, i love the current 7 members now. i dont want changes. =(
  4. when i heard the news, it just makes my heart more sad. please get well! =(
  5. just finish watched the show. haha, quite interesting to watch so many idols especially Soyeon and Boram
  6. OMG, if there are a T-ara concert. i'll definitely be going there and support them while watching them performing. =)
  7. i hope they can continue to give out their best as i will always support them till the end of days. =) its nice to understand them more. love them so much. hahahaha
  8. really cant wait to watch their music video. T-ARA is the best girl group ever. Love them so much especially Jiyeon. hehehe daebakk!!
  9. DAEBAKK! wow, really. i really to see her act again in drama series. hahaha. love her so much. JIyeon fighting!!
  10. HAHA, Qri is so playful. i was shock when i saw the picture. Qri really like to play around!! Jjang!!
  11. haha. Jangwoo shi, please dont be jealous cause she only being friendly with everyone. Cant wait to this couple in action!! FIghting!!
  12. wow, they earn so much money!! really happy for them to be so successful. They really work hard to give great performance for us. T-ara Fighting!!
  13. i really hope Hyomin can do better in Invincible Youth!! really happy to see her bring more laughter to all of us!! i will keep on support you Hyomin!! fighting!!
  14. wow, they are earning quite alot of money there!! its really a good news for them!! hope more people can keep on supporting them!! i know i will!! T-ara fighting!!
  15. I see, but im sure she wont be jealous anymore as she has her own group now and that is T-ara!! hahaha. Just keep on do all the best you can then will definitely become succesful!!
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