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  1. Eunjung but I also like all of members :3

  2. Hell yeah! Can't wait for their comeback >.< Who's your favourite member btw ?

  3. Yes and I see that you're probably a SONE too. Excited for the Roly Poly comeback? :D

  4. You're welcome, so are you a S♥ne ? =)

  5. Thank you for the birthday comment!^^ *kindly bows down*

  6. happy b'day ;) hv a great one

  7. Hey, I see on your siggy that you like Taetae, I love her too ♥, by the way Happy Birthday' =)

  8. Thank you for the birthday comment!^^

  9. Happy birthday!!! May all your wishes come true!!!

  10. Happy birthday!!! May all your wishes come true!!!

  11. Ohh... so they're rotating leader picked by T-ara themselves... so each member will experience some leadership ^^ (okay, I'm feeling a little bit better from the change of leader news) but this still make Jiae & Eunjung the original leaders of T-ara right?
  12. I have nothing against Boram but having her as new leader WASNT EXPECTED. Actually, the change of leader WASNT CALL for. They should've just kept Eunjung as leader, I dont see why she cant be leader anymore. o.0 Why do leaders need to be the eldest??
  13. I wasnt expecting this big of a change! Welcome to the family!! ^^
  14. that be so cool! I can imagine her in one and she'll do great in action movies Hope to see her in one soon HWAITING!
  15. I found a video of this but i didnt know what she was saying 'til the articles showed up it's cute but sad; Hyomin and Sunny are so cute and they grew so close to each other. Hyomin unnie HWAITING!
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