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  1. is there higher resolution pictures of those lol

    I find them hilarious

    Many of Korea netizens are trolls/antis that criticize with anonymity of the internet. They just want to see the drama behind their trolling unfolding in front of their eyes. They cherish those moments after the criticisms. I normally dont pay too much attention to them unless its something drastic to a point where they are just out to do harm on purpose.

    Jiyeon is far from being a burning engine on the T-ara plane. The strip scandal has no base, her lacking performance in the shows is just a ridicoulous excuse to target her. She is a human, nobody is happy 100% of the time. Even on stage. The netizens that people should not pay no mind to are the ones who think the artist are there to fulfill their undying needs. Those are the people that troll and harass the groups with baseless claims, and harsh comments. They are the one that will give you all their love, and when you do something wrong, they cut your throat.

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