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  1. T-ara has bounced back from one of the biggest controversies with idol groups. It really sucks that they had to go through it but they all became better people because of it. It wouldn't be totally wild to say similar issues exists in other groups and they go unaddressed. I liked how the interview was genuine and not another one putting them on the spot and spun in a bad light. I'll never give up on these girls.
  2. That was kind of confusing... I love how it doubles as a Jeep ad though.
  3. Man I fought so hard not to get an Instagram. My argument is that everything I do on Instagram can already be done on my Twitter.
  4. Eunjung's voice is LEGIT. I wish she would do some voice jobs, so she could be in my GPS and stuff. /fanboy
  5. Boram rapping? That's a nice treat. Also, Hyomin was EXTRA fine in this MV. Both these songs do not disappoint. Another classy track by T-ara.
  6. This is the first time a teaser has me worked up like this, I have been checking Diadems and other sites feverishly hoping for a leak. It's been forever since a title track I REALLY like came along. Normally I would be late on Kpop news/updates.
  7. I am gonna take this back. After hearing the teaser clip, the sound was pretty good. Decided to actually look him up and he produced Volume Up which is my fav song from 4Minute. He also did a lot of their other hits. Maybe he's just been saving the good stuff for them instead of T-ara lol.
  8. No more cartooney concepts...THANK YOU BASED GOD. I also echo the opinions on Shinsadong Tiger. His stuff can be a little gimmicky.
  9. HA! Take that spammers who post 50 in one day.
  10. AWWW I WAS TRICKED. None of them are in swim wear...
  11. Nah cause if they get tied in with someone like One Directions or JB, they will forever be taken as a joke. See Wonder Girls and Jonas Brothers. The rap community might be more forgiving. Thoug I would not use any of the T-ara N4 tracks for an "American debut."
  12. That artwork is dope. Reminds me of Kaws. Eunjung never disappoints .
  13. Yeah my sleep cycle is all sorts of messed up. It always has been but even days when I get 7-8 hours, I still feel tired. And yeah, I look forward to anything T-ara. I always thought subunits were a snub to other members, but w/e.
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