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  1. Hwa was my favorite....I am sadden by this news. bullying seems rampant in CCM....
  2. video should be up, works fine for me but no HD yet
  3. Thanks man, its funny that today, well atleast in the states since its still the 7th for 5 more mins :P I am on Diadem for a year already haha.

  4. Soyeon is looking astonishing in pictures lately, especially this selca.
  5. They both look absolutely beautiful in the pics. Qri can be my queen , but somebody already took that spot, maybe....my princess
  6. Qri...stretching... >_< Soyeon on the computer.....looking at naughty things haha Eunjeong, I forgotten you had long brunette hair Boram sweating hard there practicing and adorable as usual Hyomin, always taking selcas lol
  7. I must say, they both do look good together. Havent watch a single episode yet though haha
  8. Not going crazy yet lol if he was going to get married, then yea, ima go crazy Im pretty glad she has a boyfriend though, its actually news about her!! lol Shes 25 in korean, if she didnt have a boyfriend, even a secret one, I will be astonished because who wouldnt want her as a girlfriend!!!
  9. 2/100 odd....isnt that 1/50 lol The only other WGM couple with a current idol spouse is Taeyeon back in 08. Im so glad its not an idol couple!!!
  10. wasnt it already rumored that eunjeong was going to be on WGM like 2 months ago lol I never watched WGM like that, I watch like 6-7 eps and stop, Goguma couple was the longest I watched, up to when they took their liscense test, but I stopped. I am curious and want to watch Eunjeong now lol
  11. Qri's hair is beautiful, so beautiful infact, Eunjeong is mesmerized by it
  12. Gotta love the eyes!!! Love it when she puts on the smirk smile and open her eyes wide makes my depressing day happier!!
  13. might be Boram since it looked like she sat next to hyomin on the plane.
  14. no problem, glad to be of help.

  15. theres a reason why people use makeup lol The only difference I can see between the two is that with eye liner, since it creates a depth perception, it makes her eyes look bigger. Looking at the picture, you would think Jiyeon has a lazy eye or something haha
  16. with eye liner she definitely has a fierce look, without them, she has the cute school girl look. I wonder how she will look like with Gain level of eye liner LOL
  17. I do hope they do SNSD - genie lol When they did in in the drama, it was just awesome, seeing it in concert would be spectacular. I would love to attend the concert
  18. haha The outfit cannot contain the awesomeness that is Eunjeong
  19. Sucks that T-ara wasnt mentioned. If T-ara made it to a CNN broadcast, I would be very happy
  20. is there higher resolution pictures of those lol I find them hilarious Many of Korea netizens are trolls/antis that criticize with anonymity of the internet. They just want to see the drama behind their trolling unfolding in front of their eyes. They cherish those moments after the criticisms. I normally dont pay too much attention to them unless its something drastic to a point where they are just out to do harm on purpose. Jiyeon is far from being a burning engine on the T-ara plane. The strip scandal has no base, her lacking performance in the shows is just a ridicoulous excuse to target her. She is a human, nobody is happy 100% of the time. Even on stage. The netizens that people should not pay no mind to are the ones who think the artist are there to fulfill their undying needs. Those are the people that troll and harass the groups with baseless claims, and harsh comments. They are the one that will give you all their love, and when you do something wrong, they cut your throat.
  21. if only more idols were more honest like Soyeon. Then again, most of the idols company wouldnt want them to divulge information all willy nilly like that lol. Atleast Mnet is pretty relaxed on what their performers can say. Another reason to love Soyeon more, honesty
  22. OLD??? She looks 25 lol She may have look older then in the previous MV.....but isnt that expected lol, you dont grow younger, you grow older. As she is now, I love it. She gives off a more mature feminine look. Must be me only, but I think she looks the same with heavy, or light makeup, of course aside from the color differentiations.
  23. I love my chubby cheek hyomin Though the shape of her face is more define, and usually when its more define, it shows a maturity aspect of the person. I do hope that she does keep healthy and her body fit. I do not want to see a weak and ill Hyomin
  24. thats just freaking cute Sleeping with her mouth open. Her tongue is almost coming out .
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