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  1. already watch the episode, hopefully soyeon can be a permanent cast
  2. they need to bring back creativity to cpop plagiarism won't gonna bring u anywhere
  3. wow, what are the bases of this thing every member has their contribution
  4. heard the news, too bad SeeYa have to end T-ara+Seeya Hwaiting!~
  5. great show, lucky koreans T_T wish they could come to my country
  6. good luck to all the girls wish all their dreams will come true
  7. Seungri needs to clarify all of this to the VIPs poor hyomin, hyomin fighting
  8. great collaboration, can't wait till it's out hyomin fighting
  9. great job girls the stylist should pay more attention to it so it won't happen again
  10. maybe somebody needs to tell CNN about T-ara and Kpop maybe just some noob reporter
  11. both are pretty and cute, i don't mind at all jiyeon fighting
  12. naahh, it's just the hairstyle thats similar they both look different
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