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  1. nope i dont mind lol..do it if you can stand twitter spams

  2. jt-

    no i did not

  3. Sorry I've already got a lot of request for albums and stuff from friends and famliy.I'm bringing limited amounts of cash and gotta account for my luggage space as well..I can try but no promises..you are better off getting it at gmarket korea though

  4. lol soyeoun on your members title hehe

  5. Try gom player and see if it works

  6. i miss my old signature

  7. yep got no time due to work

  8. crap i think im like a week late but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY~ sorry i was too busy with work haha

  9. should be able to change it in profile settings under signature..just delete your old ones and add in a new signature

  10. Lol I know right...cutest couple ever

  11. Just saw your comment! nice to meet u too

  12. Thanks for the wishes!

  13. Thanks! you have a great day too

  14. haha np..i didnt make it...cant remember who i got it from

  15. lol ..doing my final project in school atm -.- so i have to stay in front of the computer like 12 hours a day -.- thats why im always here haha

  16. lol thanks~ IU is soooo cute

  17. lol yea...IU Is too cute

  18. lol Happy Birthday! you are just a few days older than me hehe

  19. thanks! you too!

  20. Hey! just wondering whats that show in your GIF? Ive never seen that show before

  21. I'm fine..just really busy with school and subbing duties..you?

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