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  1. just can't move on--- kks, happy now ? T _ T


  3. (´・ U ・`)/ nammmm emmmm jieeeee. ♥ *finally someone I can spazz with. ♥ nicesuuu~

  4. ^ *nods head* She looks Sunny at first glance, a bit taller and gorgeous.. really nice she have T-Ara's original blood.
  5. oh memae! i miss you! how are you?>< it's been a while while now.. btw i visit one of your topic in Art Gallery and i can't pick one because they all are so COOL and AWESOME~!♥ pero nakapili pa rin po ako ng isa!^^ can i use this as my siggy in here ate memae? http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af149/kinoebe/TEMPTASTIC/pjy_wide_eyes_charm.jpg

    1. kinoebe


      ^^ thanks tessie~ sure , use it as u may, ☺ ur too diligent to diggin' my old graphics, ♥ well u have my permission. enjoy it and have a nice day~

    2. Sweettreasurer


      thank you! i love yah^^

  6. my mama Z.. XD it is my first visit to u for this year ryt?? oh soo bad, well, mum, see you around~ ♥

  7. my papa x.. :P I'm here!! or I'll say, I'm home!!! tadaima!! :D

  8. Artist doesn't satisfied with one field she already knew. Must be in Hyomin's case, And working on it over night after all her busy schedules is really daebak. I'm really anticipating on this when I saw the Ryu Twins, now added with some of Hyomin's ingredients of video editing.I'm really,really ,really expecting so much now. (• , ! .•)/ ♥
  9. No twitter means update your cyworld. ^^ ○__○..) ♥ gorgeous rambo. :,3
  10. boram + hwayoung (and jiyeon + ) FTW!! XD

  11. ○-doreureu--○

  12. hello! i love your fanarts :)

    1. kinoebe


      -*______-*../ hi!) thank you for sending your love towards my works, it really means to me, a LOT~ kamsa kamsa!~~ ♥

    2. running.diadem


      added u on twitter!! sent u a message as well(: @wade_forawhile

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