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  1. i admire them for being so honest plastic surgery is not a big problem for me. i think they look the same even before debut
  2. hahaha. hwayoung is so posey in the last pic she's like, POSE ! lol. the girls look great... as usual. hahaha. jiyeon is so cuteeeee she's just standing there smiling and i'm like AWWWW. i put in a lot of effort taking selcas but these girls are just so natural ~
  3. hmmmm. i've seen a lot of other girl groups wearing like really short shorts/skirts... so why is it only t-ara? :/
  4. Hi! Unnie how r u?

    When r u gonna write ur next chapter? sorry i just wantz to know :)

  5. Hi! I read ur story! Its so good! I like it :)

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