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  1. they made a perfect couple!! however I still thinks Eunjung got some problems filming this MV.. she's so shy!
  2. they are soooooo into this concept! I'm exciting about this different concept but, besides, a little worried because I hope the new songs are good
  3. super cool and new hair for Eunjung.. something different for her! always one of the prettiest idol of kpop!
  4. I must say that.. At first.. I got eyes only for the photos *____________* she's gorgeous with long and a bit curly hair in my opinion! then, I read and re-read the part when she talks about joon XD
  5. hyomin is so beautiful! but I'm wondering why Jiyeon is not there.. maybe for Gnomeo&Juliet schedule?
  6. they're absolute cute together!!! maybe all these work meetings would make them fall in love with each other!!!! is hyomin jealous?? XD
  7. nice to know u too :)

  8. hi!!! nice to know you ^_____^

  9. speechless.. i am speechless.. so hot and sexy! she's gorgeous with blonde hair! Eunjung.. think about this image.. seriously! you're a hot chick!
  10. Jiyeon is perfect here!!!! gotta love her... definitely!
  11. unfortunately this is the wrong side of being an idol.. Hyomin must be strong and think to ALL her fans from every part of the world instead of reading all these hateful comments! HYOMIN HWAITING!
  12. I like Jiyeon with the eyeliner better, btw she's young and cute so she could wear less make-up without problems!
  13. jiyeon as a breakdancer? COOL! can't wait to see this!
  14. she is sooooo stunning!!! because this photo seems very natural ^____^ every day i like jiyeon more!
  15. tonight I didn't like the perfomance.. the only T-ara that I like the most, despite other times, is Jiyeon! She was so brilliant on stage! I hope she felt to smile and not CCM forced her
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