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  1. well... tw version on CNN too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_FeM0-jkPI
  2. lol, im not a tw'ese but i had to laugh at the point ur going. so ur saying china doesnt copy? check out the stuff they can copy seriously. there are ppl that bought fake iphones cos of them. which is more disgusting? well it doesnt only happens to kpop. im not sure why some of you feel its a big thing. its the kpop wave and its bound to happen. in the past you have english to cpop and cpop to english, jpop to cpop and cpop to jpop during their wave. so theres nothing to be shocked at. it happens everywhere. its just like mobilephones. once the smart phone market started, everyone is following suit. ppl try to follow what iphone can do etc, think about it. be more gracious ppl. anyway tw girls group doesnt usually last and i doubt this one will too. just want to add that song suxs. lol
  3. no big deal really. music are easily copied from one language to another and its not like its something new and happened recently. this just shows kpop are really popular.
  4. why risk her if shes not 100%! i dont like the way they do things. when ppl gets injuried they need rest and recovery. i dont like this at all.
  5. shes really a natural. on almost every variety we can see her sleeping scene but its cool. very eunjung
  6. oh my.....!! boram!!! so cute.. i always feel happy when i see her. anyone else wished they can bring her home?
  7. i wonder how long are they supposed to pause after a dance. had a smile on me when i saw jiyeon unfreezing first.
  8. the dance is really cute. especially when they froze for a moment and give the question mark face. soyeon seems really good at it.
  9. to be honest im actually happy for the south korean girls group. sure, the candy eyes will be less but i rather people focus on the group's talent and performance rather then how much skin they bare. boram likes to wear less revealing stuff anyway
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