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  1. i like the look on the korean version more tbh. but this one's not that bad too. i love boram's hair. the girls look pretty as usual. ANTICIPATING!
  2. whoa whoa didnt see this coming. i've watched 'the greatest love' and i love cha seungwon he's a funny guy and an A-list celebrity so him starring in t-ara's mv is a good thing though the age gap is LOL XD well, looking forward to it.
  3. wow thank you for the greet! i only read it now..

  4. it's good to see her smiling. i mean, she's like the 2nd generation ice princess hahaha but watching their shows, she really is feminine haha
  5. Your welcome ^^ Thanks :)

    and it's okay I understand :D

  6. hi~ thank you! ^^ ur avi is cute too <3

    btw, sorry for the late reply. i dont really view my profile. lol

  7. Hi! Nice signature and avi. ^^ Cute~!

  8. lol. craziest answer ever. seriously girls, why? haha fans are really curious. i hope they soon reveal why.
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