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  1. I don't need robocop, I don't need transformers. I just need robot T-ara!!! ~~~
  2. Why ccm, why you keep announcing things that are not confirmed? Anyways, hope they have a smooth comeback, T-ARA fighting!~
  3. Such an emotional letter >< I must admit I have alot of mixed reactions about this letter. I'm glad they have all finally made a statement about this all together as a group, but at the same time I'm still worried about what the future holds for them Still, nothing is gonna happen if they just keep quiet and do nothing, gotta take chances Hope their comeback goes smoothly, I don't expect it to do well so soon, just hope nothing goes wrong and everything goes out smoothly and hopefully nothing happens to them. T-ara Fighting!~~~~
  4. To say the truth, I dun mind if eunjung goes back. Yes, it shows that T-ara is still surviving strong out there, but does eunjung wish to go back? And they really need to change the producers for this show, but that's probably not going to be easy
  5. Were they trying to terminate Eunjung's contract through the media and take advantage of t-ara's current situation? If that is the case, seriously the producers and SBS are so ****'ed up! Not sure if I even want Eunjung back in the drama... This is all so messed up...
  6. This is just like backstabbing Eunjung! Finding a replacement actress even when she have already practiced for her lines with the other actors and practiced hard for the piano. i can't express my disappointment with the drama producers for approaching Jin SeYeon to fill in Eunjung's role.
  7. What's this? What's that? Why is Eunjung said to be kicked out all of a sudden? I certainly hope that this is all just a misunderstanding and Eunjung remains in the show. Poor Eunjung, she have even practiced for the script and piano already >< Kinda disappointed with all this media nowadays...
  8. Good to hear that she's still resting, but please do get well soon! ><
  9. It hurts to see a member of T-ara like that, even if Hyomin is not my bias. Why must the reporters keep bringing up the bullying issue? There was no such issue in the first place and all was create and claimed by netizens.
  10. You should rest first Soyeon, you really need to get well first >< T-ara fighting forever!
  11. Get well soon Soyeon! T-ara fighting! I really hope she can really get some rest after all this...
  12. wow, of all jobs they choose politics, this means serious business, things are gotta get harder. i hope they do well and have a great time.
  13. wow, thanks for the wallpapers, nice job, i really appreciate it i had a hard time finding these
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