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  1. What the hack! Cute and sexy! Milk flowing out of her lips looks wrong... lol
  2. Lol, perhaps the sound system is too poor But still, she should recognise her mum's voice, shouldn't she? Catch some sleep while you can, girls! fighting and YNWA
  3. Oh my, the first picture really showed her exhaustion... She didn't really open her big eyes... So sad seeing my beloved Jiyeon like this, perhaps it's time for a break?
  4. Wow, here's Eunjung for you, injured and yet wearing a wide smile on her face. Still looks really pretty! fighting and take care!
  5. Yea whatever, our girls made the lyrics complete and meaningful t-ara daebak! fighting! YNWA
  6. T-ara without Eunjung will be weird, Get well soon my dear!! it's like a football injury... 4 weeks... A huge miss for t-ara fighting! YNWA
  7. Cold? Cold? Stand beside t-ara and you'll feel their heat! They're hot! C'mon give the girls more cloth... They are humans! fighting.
  8. Hyomin is pretty, sexy, cute, cheeky... perfect! Nice picture there btw Love Love Love!!!
  9. No more surgery pls, you're beautiful enough!!! The way you are rocks! fighting!
  10. That was super cute! Jiyeon super cute! Its all Eunjung's fault lol, she hugged IU And Why are you being like this plays! hehehe
  11. Hey jiyeon! Nice work there! So cute and powerful! Btw i learnt Taekwondo too, blue belt only though lol.
  12. Really hectic for our wonderful girls But continue to endure and fight on! you'll never walk alone!
  13. That's what they have to do... Painful but have to endure it through C'mon eunjung, jiyeon and co!!! Continue to walk on with your heads up high!!
  14. That's so sweet on the male's part the orange sofa part by Soyeon was nice Soyeon so cute in the picture, nice cheeks!!
  15. The perf would be so EPIC PLS make it long and worthy Beast + t-ara... fighting! (so jealous of beast...)
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