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  1. She's really pretty and has flawless skin +_+ I hope she had fun though!~^^ hm,I wonder if I could find this to watch it o: haha thank you for sharing~~
  2. She's so pretty,cute,and adorable. Lol I really love the outfit though +_+ thank you so much for sharing this!!~^^
  3. TT their goodbye stage? D: I can't wait for their comeback though.Even when it just ended lol but imma really miss them :\ But I will always watch their shows and other special performances. they look so pretty and the performance was absolutely flawless. thank you for sharing!!
  4. They look so adorable and cute!! thank you for the picutres!^^ I can't wait to see it though +_+ hopefully many fancams for the girls^^ and other idol groups
  5. Wah, She's so pretty with long hair! I really like her acting,it's daekbak^^ thank you for the pictures!!^^ I hope Dream High will be successful
  6. I hope she's getting better TT seeing her perform really tears me apart. she might be even in serious pain,yet showing a pretty smile. she's a strong girl and I have much respect for her<3 always and forever. I hope others will too. Heal fast Unnie<3
  7. I know I already posted a comment here xD but,I just wanted to say. I really really love this Drama and I'm really glad its gonna air in Japan. More popularity for everyone who worked so hard in it. They will get moire respect and fans. Even those the characters they are playing might irrtate you xD that means they are doing a great job in acting.I was really surprised by Suzy! She seemed so innocent,to see her character(<) acting snobby really caught my attention^^ Eunjung's character,aigoo<3 her acting is daebak.She always did an amazing job. I hope this drama will reach its success! I'm really eager to see the next episode +_+ FIGHTING
  8. I'm glad that she said that instead of hiding it. I still have respect for her,always But I really wonder how shots works o.o lol,but its better than plastic surgery of course. Soyeon Unnie FIGHTING!~~^^
  9. What kind of bullying? O: The girls wouldn't do not.Not every girl groups do that for sure. D: Its impossible to think that way.Every girl group is like a family that has respect for one another. Besides,they're leaders,leaders are suppose to be in charge and handle things maturely. But if they are being bullied,it might be in a funny/kidding way.Its not meant seriously.
  10. ohhh, sounds really interesting! I cannot wait to see it And Eunjung is gonna star in it?^^ Ah Daebak, She's an amazing actress<3 FIGHTING!~~
  11. Yay!!~ So proud of the girls for doing this! I'm so glad there's a bill for this. T-ARA helping abandoned dogs<3 My little angels xD SARANGEHAEYO! FIGHTING
  12. There are many copying K-Pop. Lol,every time I heard a similar beat to a k-pop song,I just go crazy. I don't know hwy they can't make it on their wn,instead of copying other artists. There's a lot I know. And wow...Those girls are really skinny,skinner than SNSD(some girls) But,I hope this problem gets handle and hope they wont do it again. In my perspective,they should be...Punished? I dont know what other word to use +_+
  13. I do not agree at all! Jiyeon works hard,she always have. Netizens these days... T-ARA's potential will always remain high and strive to the top. No one is stopping them from achieving. Jiyeon is a strong girl and she deserves some respect... Don't worry Unnie,we're here<3 to support you and T-ARA All the way (:
  14. Oh gosh... That's a lot of people that she has on her cellphone XD I wonder who hmmmm.. It must be really hard for her to find the exactly person she's looking her haha she's adorable :3 FIGHTING
  15. She's so pretty like a little doll!~^^ ah,I want her hair man.... XD Ah so so cute Unnie!!~ Fighting!~
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