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  1. All T-ara members should leave CCM and KKS will be sorry for whatever nonsense he has.
  2. quite expected, think with Soyeon's personality.. lovey dovey will become a hit and might be the time for T-ara to be recognised as the best Kpop girl group in this decade!
  3. they look awesome in the posters.. cant wait for the mv and their live performance! T-ara go go!
  4. awesome!!! I cant wait for it... they are coming out with so many parts of the movie.. think there will be eunjung and hyomin part soon...
  5. daebak! i have been listening to the song since it released.. awesome song.. cant get enough of it... woohooo t-ara fighting!!!
  6. hehe.. no matter what.. she is still a cute girl.. whoever got rumour with her is such fortunate can...
  7. can't people have braces? I also had braces before what.. nothing is wrong.. its not like she changes her whole image... but she looks exactly the same besides the hair.. i prefer her short hair though.. looks more cool and sexy
  8. finally.. hyomin is feeling ok le... hope that she remains strong.. and i think she is really getting too slim le.. eat more hyomin!
  9. actually.. i think she is very versatile in her looks... she can be sexy, cute, fierce and anything she wants with her look.. just some minor changes are all she needs
  10. really!!! i cant wait anymore.. 10th February faster come! and Hyomin.. beautiful~~
  11. I think VIP wun mind.. he is such a friendly person why will he care about the minor details... think the fans are just too protective of their idols.. if it were us, we will do the same thing though
  12. i agree too.. both of them are beautiful! how i wish i can see them live in person.. haiz...
  13. They are just so mean... first of all, they should not criticise JiYeon.. T-ara came together because of their different personalities... if anyone of them is not in, its no longer T-ara and we will always think that there is something lacking.. besides.. i am annoyed by the other pictures.. all the other airplanes.. (of course, not including the Hot Air Balloon) are working planes... how can they show a defunct plane for T-ara! I think T-ara is soaring now more than ever...
  14. impossible that they will bully each other ba.. eunjung is so nice and everyone loves everyone in T-ara! so pls... stop the rumours!!!
  15. well.. this only proves 1 thing.. the taiwanese pop are running out of ideas to grab the fanbase back to Taiwan.. since everyone is moving towards Kpop..
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