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Status Updates posted by craZy

  1. Hey there! Your account has been validated!

    1. Cheria


      thank you so much!!!!!! thank you!

  2. whatchu lurkin in mama's profile for

    1. vancew90


      ?!?! Damn those tracking LOL, randomly clicking at people's profiles on TD cos I was bored

  3. Hello! Thanks for posting your recent news article. Since I thought it was pretty relevant news, I moved it to our News section and on the portal as well.

    1. red4summer


      Thank You for making the effort to inform me of the shift. However if it is to appear on the portal, please free feel and help to improve the grammar. And thanks for the modification made in the original post.

  4. craZy

    Hello! I noticed your username seems to be have been distorted. I wanted to offer to fix it for you. Could you tell me what was your proper username?

  5. Hey! So I checked the Hyomin interview video and the audio works fine for me. What player are you using? And do you have any other .ts videos that work fine for you?

  6. You should consider CDJapan as well. They're pretty good. Here's a comparison review: http://broylim.tumblr.com/post/1477808452/cdjapanvsyesasia

  7. Thank you for your hefty donation. :D

  8. Hi. :3

    1. UnknownFact


      o.o this happened!!! D: omg ;A;

      Hi! <3

  9. Thanks for compiling the list of dead links. Getting the mods together to clean those up.

    1. SacredCultivator


      No problem. May have taken me a while to compile it but hopefully it's worth the time to get them all "undead" =)

  10. Saw in the shoutbox you were looking for more pics like that one of Eunjung. You can find 'em here: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/album/1860-eunjung/

  11. Lol, that last commet was actually from me. Forgot I was on my brother's account. xD

  12. Oh so now we friends eh? Now we friends huh??

    1. bankudonku


      You don't wanna be fwends? :P

  13. craZy

    hello lurker.

  14. Hello~ I like your name, lol.

  15. Not yet but this is the name we're likely to get in the end. :]

  16. Your new siggie, so shiny. :o

  17. craZy

    Yo Sieg. I see you become a Subber. Congrats. :]

  18. I think you tackled it well. ;]

  19. Aw thanks yo! I myself really like those stickers you made. They're seriously very nice!

  20. Nice to meet you too! Oh so you're interessted graphic design?

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