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  1. Please find one of your old posts from your previous account.
  2. You made two accounts, please login through Turkish_Queen instead.
  3. Sorry, unfortunately those are gone and we're unable to retrieve them.
  4. If you remember generally how much reputation points you had, tell us and we'll change it for you.
  5. I got your old accounts back, log in with your old logins. Member requests up until here have been fulfilled.
  6. Try deleting the cache from your computer first. That has worked before.
  7. If your account has NOT been deleted. In your case, it hasn't so you're fine.
  8. Mark

    I never read my profile feed.

  9. Mark

    8th Layout - Perspicuity

    Diadem's eighth layout released on January 29th 2011, made by Elly, chengtae and Mark.
  10. craZy

    hello lurker.

  11. Yes, that album was amazing. They should go back to that urban pop style.
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