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  1. cool 1k image ^^ but the album. only 2 new song =.= i actually thought they will have 5 new song just like temptastic album
  2. i actually thought soyeon gonna be the leader. but it seems that they gonna change leader every comeback lol. congratz to Hyomin
  3. HEY MANNGGGSSS :D thanks for the random page visit, hope you enjoyed :D

  4. cant wait for their comeback but the album tittle ''John Travolta''.... seriously..? 'John Travolta'? -.- BoPeep 2. i think i can already picture the song lol
  5. "Hyomin is more beautiful than the doll." of course she is hehe. thats a cute doll though. somehow look freaky too. i think that all dolls look scary O.o
  6. really? O.o i didnt notice. until i saw this sentence lol
  7. she change alot from about 3years ago. she do look cute last time
  8. lol-ed when Seulong commenting on Min scream seeing those idol's comment.. it must be scary. really look forward for this movie since i enjoy watching horror film and Eunjung is in the movie too. gonna be interesting
  9. if im not wrong, you need 150 posts.

    then pm an admin, of what ur username wanna change to :)

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