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  1. This is kinda ridiculous. The show was pre recorded right? What's the big deal?
  2. Mr Kim is awesome. Jiyeon & Eunjung really did mature thanks to the acting.
  3. Nothing really wrong about the remake but they should've at least mentioned T-ara :/
  4. Although not an official track for T-ara, I really can't wait for it! Brave Brothers have made great songs in the past. Looking forward to it!
  5. I don't get why netizens really love targeting Jiyeon....... this is not true in my opinion. Because of Jiyeon acting in all those dramas and movies, T-ara's popularity increased. Hence, no doubt that she has helped out a lot.
  6. better handling of the situation must be done..... their clothes play a major factor in the performances.
  7. Eunjung is so adorable, seriously! Sleeping anywhere, anytime hehehee... she must be really tired tho. :<
  8. Nah... I think Qri looks good no matter what.. T-ara own true ulzzang! ^__________^
  9. Thanks a lot for making this thread! Looking forward to more Hello Baby pictures and updates heehee~ ^^ hwaiting!
  10. Wow~ this is really very sweet :3 and ohmy..... Boram and Soyeon kissing. How cute kekeke xD
  11. This makes them sound very professional. Since it's their choice, I shall respect it ^^ and even if they were to date, I wouldn't mind. I want them to be happy~
  12. Wow! Thanks for sharing~ ^^ The girls are looking cute and pretty as always, just like the babies T-ara hwaiting!
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